Reopening: City of Crosses


This is the shit that comes of inviting you people to my house.

The Lastomen Get Together commenced. During a short Q/A in my living room my body asked a question my mind immediately slapped it for: “Which RP do you miss the most?”

At the same time without a beat everyone said: City of Crosses.

Then there was a minute of them looking at each other stunned.

I stood up, walked over to my computer and looked in my archived sites folder. Yep. I still had it.

“Ok then.” I sat down and started working on the new site.

So yes. It’s open again. All of the old characters are back if they held high rank and weren’t a player’s character. We are still in the final stages of development though threads will go out as soon as tonight.

Already lined up to play is: Demica, Christina Sills, Gina, Heidi, Shannon, Heather, Jaide

If you want back in, let me or Demica know.



Stacy Lung – Contact Made!

StacyLungFor those of you who remember Stacy, you may or may not have known why she dropped off the face of the RP planet. Putting it briefly, she experienced a sudden truma two years ago that put her into a coma. She had a 10% chance of survival and made it out! She is now in recovery in Indiana.

She has stated to me and Rose (Demica) that she plans to be back online in July. Where her body is still coming back online, and her hands are not what they used to be, she is willing to use her knuckles to write to us.

And let me tell you that is not easy. <- this line written via knuckles was the longest nine words I’ve ever typed. She’s willing to do it. She may not be back in the RPs immedatly; we don’t know. However reconnection is a big part of her recovery so let’s be welcoming when she shows back up.

She will be returning to her email:

Her insurance company does not allow for dontations in the form of money however she is in need of basic items: DVDs, music, fuzzy socks, comfortable robes, lotions, etc.

Her care home address is:

Send her a letter with a phone number and who you are (and who you played 2 years ago in CoA) and she’ll get back to you. :)