Outbreak: Season 1

Outbreak: Season 1

A day later…

~ Bay, Michael, Jackson bring Shane and Lucas to the group, along with the supplies, Jory tends the wounded. Upon learning Jory has a strong knowledge of  the plague as well. They seem strongly interested and try to recruit him to stay with them but he refuses. During this time Ethan asks the outsiders if they have a woman named Rimona Sanders there. They haven’t heard of her.

~ After Ethan is upset and walks out. Bay follows and talks with him about it.


A day later…

~ The next day Krystal is lured out into a trap and captured by Shane’s group.

~ Kira asks Bay what was up with Ethan and starts to get the “vibe” that Bay may have feelings for him.

~ Michael and Jackson talk about how the groups morality could be its downfall.

~ Jerry notices Jodee hovering around her radio and asks why. Upon learning about RJ he endorses her need for hope, saying that he has someone out there he hopes is okay to (hint about Sherry down the line).

~ Warren and Jory discuss how Warren isn’t sure Shane is willing to simply accept rejection from Jory.

~ Deakin and Yu Fang get into a fight when Yu Fang points out that something will take out Krystal since she’s just a kid.

~ Not Placed: Molly & Ethan

That night…

The group notices Krystal is missing.

~ Krystal gets the rundown from the police department group about how they need Jory and that they won’t hurt her.

The next day…

~ Shane’s group demand to swap Krystal for Jory from the group. They are given a night to “think it over”. Warren isn’t willing to send Jory over, wanting to mount a rescue instead which Michael agrees with. However Jory doesn’t want to see survivors killing each other and Deakin sides with him. Jory convinces the group that he can settle this diplomatically once he’s inside. If not, then the other option is still THERE so they aren’t losing anything but letting him try!

~ While with Shane’s group as their hostage, Krystal learns the sad truth that the other group has been keeping all of their undead loved ones in prison cells! They are holding out for a mythical “cure” to restore them all.

That night…

~ Jory talks Warren into letting him go as a hostage swap and hopefully convince the other group from the inside that what they are doing is wrong. He has faith in the people to see reason, Warren isn’t so sure.

~ Bay asks Kira to teach her some martial arts skills (this being before the two know they are going to be rivals).

~ Ethan, Michael and Jackson are on watch and discuss the vulnerability a kid like Krystal presents to the group.

~ Worried about Krystal, Deakin has another nightmare due to lack of sleep. Jodee finds him in the midst of a particularly violent night terror and has to fend him off/wake him up.

~ Not Placed: Jerry & Yu Fang

The next day…

~ Worried about Krystal, Deakin has another nightmare due to lack of sleep. Jodee finds him in the midst of a particularly violent night terror and has to fend him off/wake him up.

~ Jerry and Jackson talk about their differing opinions on children. As they do Jackson notices a phantom in the house and tries to track it down. Jerry starts to get the idea these phantoms Jackson sometimes sees are not real.

~ Ethan is on “watch” and stargazing when Kira happens by since she couldn’t sleep. While the two bond Bay, who was up talking with Molly, notices and feels jealous of the older woman.

~ Michael gets up to grab a glass of water, but when he opens the cabinet the cups leap off their shelves at him! If that wasn’t bad enough, this is the exact moment when a half awake Jory enters the room…

~ Krystal gets Lucas as a guard. He drops hints that he is not okay with the situation and that if they don’t find a way to leave their dead behind they may as well join them. He promises Krystal that they won’t do any harm to her, they aren’t monsters.

~ Not Placed: Warren & Yu Fang

A day later…

~ The trade off takes place. Once she is with the group, Krystal updates the others on what is going on in the police department. By this point though Shane’s group has left with Jory. Warren agrees to give Jory three days to walk back through the door.

Two days later…

~ Bay notices Michael’s haunting issue and given her love of the paranormal, she believes him.

~ Jodee and Deakin explain to Krystal how she really CAN’T just run out for strangers!

~ Jory learns the truth and tries to talk sense into Shane. He learns all too quickly that they are desperately clinging onto anything of their old lives, several of them come in and “talk to the dead” on a regular basis. Sanity is thin.

~ Yu Fang tries to hit on Jackson and doesn’t get anywhere. When she accuses him of being gay his reaction puzzles her.

~ Molly worries about Jory and talks about why with Kira.

~ Not Placed: Ethan, Jerry & Warren

Two days later…

~ The group goes to rescue Jory, who hasn’t been returned by Shane’s group. Warren assembles everyone to reclaim the medic/inventor. They get into a heated debate upon arrival.

~ As they bicker Lucas attempts to do “what must be done” while the bulk of the group is distracted with events outside. Jory watches him put a bomb into the prison block that will take out the whole building. He sets the timer and then lets Jory out. He tells him the timer is for five minutes so he better run.

~ After the explosion Shane’s group blames Jory for the bomb, figuring he was smart enough to McGuyver it. They take off on their own and promise to kill the group if they ever see them again. During this incident Molly assures Jory there was nothing he could have done differently, these people weren’t okay in the head.

A day later…

~ Deakin offers condolences to Jory and the two discuss whether there is hope left and if they wanted the right thing.

~ Krystal talks with Jodee and Molly about wanting to make an “I’m Sorry” cake for Jory.

~ Jackson notices another phantom in the city area and asks Warren to have a team to investigate. Jerry is there but keeps silent about his suspicions that this is all in Jackson’s head. A team of Bay, Jackson and Jerry is sent to check it out.

~ JP: The mighty head trip of Jackson.^^

~ Kira hears Yu Fang coughing and go to check on her, she waves off their concern and insists she is okay.

~ Michael notices Ethan making a castle out of paper and tape because he’s bored.

Three months later…

~ Jodee receives a broadcast from her radio and learns that there is an operational group of rescuers looking to evacuate people via helicopter. They are given a rendezvous point to meet at tomorrow night and the group struggle with if they want to take a chance on this.

A day later…

~ Ultimately Warren decides to so the group heads out through the city to the rendezvous point. On the way to the location Yu Fang uses her skates to run over and grab something only for a rock to get stuck in them. She falls and has to be rescued by Kira, who notices the girl froze up the moment the undead got in close.

~ Upon reaching the designated roof the group finds it under attack by zombies and try to save the pilot.  The pilot takes off, despite massive injuries, and turns while the helicopter is in the air. Naturally this causes a crash.

~ Jodee and Krystal are badly injured (as in they must be carried by others and are dead weight, everyone has SOME level of injury!) and the group is now in the industrial district of the city with all the undead in the city headed their way. They find an armored car they must break into and hot-wire while the undead swarm on their position from all the noise and blood.

A day later…

~ The car eventually runs out of gas but the group notices a small resort inn with artificial hot springs.

~ They clear the building and decide to stay the night. Everyone gets to enjoy the first “baths” they’ve had in ages. Molly displays an inordinately large amount of knowledge for the place due to her tourism background. The only living occupant of the home is a well-trained dog with a healthy desire to avoid the undead.

Two days later…

~ Deakin (and Krystal) want to keep the dog but Warren is opposed since it is another dependent. He eventually tells Deakin the only way it stays with them is if he is responsible for its safety and if half of HIS food portion goes to feed it. (A half already split with Krystal!)

~ Jory double-checks the water for infection before he will touch it, raising questions as to why from Kira.

~ Bay, Jodee, Molly and Yu Fang enjoy a good bath and some girl talk. For a moment it almost feels like life is normal!

~ Ethan, Jackson, Jerry and Michael enjoy a bath as well.

Three days later…

~  Jodee and Krystal spend time with Deakin and the dog discussing what to name it. Jodee and Deakin begin to grow closer.

~ Bay finally cracks and tries to subtly figure out from Ethan what his relationship to Kira is. Unfortunately Kira walks in on this and picks up on Bay’s intentions. Sadly Ethan does not pick up on Bay’s feelings as of yet.

~ Yu Fang talks with Jory, curious as to how he can believe one day things will go back to normal.

~ Michael, Jerry & Jackson compare notes on crazy bastion life white trying to get the power back up in the building.

~ Not Placed: Molly & Warren

A week later…

~ Krystal gets an infection (not the zombie kind, just the ‘we don’t have enough medical supplies and you were bleeding’ kind) and starts to get sick. A supply run must be made back into the chaos of the city to find any medical supplies that might help her.

~ Jodee and Ethan attempt to look after Krystal.

~ Michael talks with Jackson about how it seems like Krystal is kidnapped or dying at everyturn!

~ Bay asks about how Molly knows so much of the place while they raid the gift shop for “cheer you up” presents for Krystal.

~ Deakin, Kira, Jory and Yu Fang make a run to the hospital they find two survivors, a young woman (Ann) and her father (Rob). They have locked themselves in with the supplies and Rob is a bastard who fears the characters are infected. Jory must negotiate with them to be let in and get help. They promise Ann and her father can join the group.

~ While scavenging Yu Fang seems to have it out for a specific medication set, which Kira notices. Yu Fang evades her questions for now.

~ On the way out they are attacked and Rob gets upset with the team’s performance while back seat zombie-slaying them. He suddenly has a heart attack. The group attempts to stop him but the dead man is 6’6’’ and very STRONG.  He kills Ann before they can save her. They barely escape with their own lives.

~ Not Placed: Jerry & Warren

Later that day…

~ Jory, Kira, Deakin and Yu Fang return with the supplies. Jory administers them to Krystal, saving her life much to Deakin’s gratitude.

~ Jodee mentions to Ethan her desire to look for seeds. He suggests that maybe she should try harvesting from a small family gardening store a mile out, with Warren’s permission naturally.

~ Bay and Molly freak out about being watched at the bath, attracting the attention of Jackson and Kira. They look for this watcher but find nothing and assume it was a zombie or something that spooked them.

~ Jory talks with Warren about his regrets in not saving Ann or Rob.

~ Not Placed: Jerry & Yu Fang

Three days later…

~ Jodee gets Deakin and Kira to help her loot the small shop. In the process they must clear the place of undead workers.

~ Bay brings the toys to a now more active Krystal.

~ Jerry and Jackson talk about if they should “tell” the group and generally act like they are keeping a big and important secret. They resolve to not “say anything” yet.

~ Michael shows Yu Fang the ropes of how to use a gun. As a result she gets a crush on him.

~ Warren and Jory are talking and Jory baits Warren into showing he has more brains then he lets on. Jory asks why he plays dumb and Warren explains its because people expect less of stupid thugs, and they really shouldn’t expect BETTER out of him.

A month later…

~ A stalker, Nina, becomes obsessed with Bay, who reminds her of her dead daughter Elizabeth (calls her Lizzie).

~ Kira finally gets the chance to pin down Yu Fang about her freeze up with the zombie way before as well as the medical supplies. Yu Fang admits to her fear of becoming undead. (If Kira is patient/understanding instead of pushy/demanding she may also learn of Yu Fang’s illness.)

~ Jodee flips a gasket when Jory suggests he could tinker on her radio for parts. It reveals how obsessive she’s become over waiting for that mythical message from R.J..

~ Bay finally admits her feelings to Ethan. He gives her the same warning he gave Kira: This is not the world for romance. (Which isn’t to say he cannot love or will not, but he scared to.)

~ Deakin and Jerry notice a zombie that got in! After putting it down they find it got in through one of the automated doors they failed to secure. They secure the area and mention to Warren the situation. He admits that such a large resort is nearly impossible to COMPELTELY secure so this sort of thing may happen again. They may need to move.

~ Michael and Jackson notice Bay’s window is open. It’s a first floor room so this upsets them given undead could just crawl on in!

~ Molly entertains little Krystal, trying to nurture the girl’s ability to be a kid once in a while.

~ Not Placed: Yu Fang

A day later…

~ Nina was the one who opened Bay’s window and has stolen from her. Bay mentions to Jory about how her stuff is going missing and she is starting to suspect a thief but has no idea who!

~ Kira learns from Yu Fang that Bay made a move for Ethan.

~ Jodee talks with Krystal and Deakin about how she feels bad for going off on Jory.

~ Ethan and Jackson are on watch when they notice what looks like a lens flash in the trees outside. They know the undead don’t spy on people, so who is it?

~ Michael and Jerry both can’t sleep from their respective hauntings. When they both get up to shake it off and sit in the living room (unintentionally at the same time) the temp drops low and they start to hear whispers. They both react and then realize they don’t know WHO’S haunting is doing this one!

~ Not Placed: Molly & Warren

Two days later…

~ Eventually Kira argues with Bay over their shared feelings for Ethan.

~ Jory hears the ghosts again and when he sees a shadowy silhouette move into view he almost freaks out – until he sees its Krystal. The little girl tries to figure out what he’s so scared off but he plays it off and distracts her.

~ Jackson idly comments to Jodee that her, Krystal and Deakin seem like the perfect little family. Jodee reacts upset, mostly because she is growing very fond of Deakin but wants to stay loyal to RJ.

~ Deakin, Yu Fang and Ethan about how Deakin is scared for Krystal and the group if the undead can get in secretly through doors or window’s they’ve missed. As they talk the they search for supplies on Warren’s orders. (Note: Deakin is tired having been up for two days by this point.)

~ Michael notices Jerry going towards the basement and asks why. He learns Jerry suspects someone is tripping the breaker to cut power to certain rooms (like the one that was dark when Jonathan tried to go in) and to activate it on others to let the dead in (like the automated door).

~ Not Placed: Molly & Warren

A day later…

~ Nina goes into “I must protect you” mode. She attempts to get Kira killed somehow. Jackson bails her out at the last minute but now they are aware someone is out there and after her.

~ Yu Fang tries to hit on Michael only to have her phone ring. Confused she answers only to find a strange ghostly voice on the other line! She freaks out a bit and goes to bed.

~ Ethan talks with Jory about his issues with two girls caring for him.

~ Bay and Jodee share a room. Once again Bay finds something missing and gets upset because the window that they keep closing is OPEN again!

~ Deakin nearly collapses, having been up for nearly three days trying to avoid his nightmares. Krystal is on her own helping him to his room until Jerry happens by as well.

~ Not Placed: Warren & Molly

Three days later…

~ JP: Bay is the one left on “watch” the night before and notices a survivor in need of help. She goes to help the only to have a gun put to her head and is abducted by Nina who now feels this is the only way to “protect her”.

~ The group notices Bay is missing in the morning and tries to Sherlock out what happened and how to find her. Once they figure it out, Warren sends his two heaviest hitters to rescue Bay.

~ Meanwhile Nina explains to Bay how she lost her precious Lizzie. She also generally displays how disturbed she is now – it is very clear Bay’s life is in danger.

Later that day…

~ Jackson and Michael find Bay’s location and provide enough distraction to Nina that Bay actually manages sneak in an attack from behind. They bring Nina down (either via killing her, abandoning her, etc).

~ Bay is brought home and the others are told about what happened with Nina.

Two days later…

~ Jodee talks with Deakin about how she’s scared she’ll become like that stalker: Obsessed with who she’s lost. He comforts her and she begins to realize she’s growing feelings for him.

~ Kira bonds with Jory over liking to tinker.

~ Yu Fang talks with Bay about boy troubles.

~ Since Warren is the leader, Krystal asks him why the crazy woman did what she did.

~ Jackson, Jerry and Michael are on patrol when they notice a room with some lavish stuff in it. Looking through it they find a blueprint for an apparently “secure” home that the would-have-been survivor (that they killed in the initially cleansing of the building) was planning to head towards. Maybe that’s what they should try next?

~ Not Placed: Ethan & Molly

A month later…

~ The group is forced to move locations and finds a new house to stay in.

~ At first the group can’t get into the house because it’s locked but little Krystal manages to squeeze in through a doggie door and unlock it for them. She is immediately berated by Michael since she could have walk in and been mono-a-mono with a zombie! Deakin stands up for her since no harm was done but the group as a whole isn’t too thrilled.

~ There is a survivor already staying inside: Jerry’s (now pregnant) girlfriend Sherry! The woman is extremely hostile towards the group; bandits killed most of those who had originally survived with her, so she’s a leery of the living as much as the dead. Jerry talks her down and she agrees to join the group.

Later that day…

~ Deakin talks with Ethan about how the group can’t keep migrating like this. Ethan directs him to bring this up to Warren.

~ Jerry realizes he doesn’t have the feelings for Sherry that he once had and lets her know, which causes some drama.

~ Bay notices Jory’s supposed haunting and offers to use some of her paranormal skills to assist later that night.

~ Yu Fang tries for round two on hitting on Michael.

~ Warren asks Kira to keep an eye on Sherry for a while, she seems twitchy to him and he doesn’t want trouble for the group.

~ Jodee attempts to get a potted garden going, since the house is a nice and secure one, Krystal helps out.

~ Molly is freaking out about what they will need for a newborn baby in the group while Jonathan and Jackson is forced to deal with it.

That night…

~ Kira discovers that Sherry is getting VERY sick and learns she has been bitten. She begs Kira not to tell the others but obviously that cannot happen since she probably has hours to live! (And that’s being optimistic.)

~ When the issue is brought into the group, Jerry is extremely defensive / aggressive and won’t let anyone TOUCH Sherry. Molly backs this up, wanting to defend Sherry out of sympathy and a desire to preserve some kind of sanity – the woman is pregnant after all! Sadly Jerry having a silenced gun makes this a hard situation to navigate. However, Jackson gets the gun away from him, convincing him to do what is right.

~ Michael agrees to shoot Sherry because Jerry can’t do it. Afterwards, Jerry won’t be able to look at Michael right.

A day later…

~ Kira assures Michael he did the right thing and that while Jerry knows it too, he’ll need a while to come around.

~  Molly breaks down near Jory, remembering the same situation and sound when her grandfather was killed.

~ Jerry talks with Jackson about it afterwards. He feels guilty, not just over how this ended, but over how he didn’t “love” her anymore, and that was the last thing he told her.

~ Deakin talks with Warren about them putting down roots, even if its just for a little while. The people need stability.

~ Yu Fang offers to help Jodee with her garden, showing that despite her bravado she just wants some rest from all the drama.

~ Bay had taken Krystal out of the room for the “incident” and explains to her that Sherry was sick and that this was the only way.

~ Not Placed: Ethan

A month later…

~ Michael is on look out duty and notices a bus passing by with survivors in it. They are going to the local church so he reports it to Warren.

~ Krystal makes Deakin a good luck charm to put around his neck. He promises to wear it always since it gives her piece of mind.

~ Bay finds a photo of Jerry that Sherry had apparently kept in the room she was sleeping in. Giving it to him prompts sadness, but also conversation.

~ Jodee is talking with Kira about her feelings for Deakin. Kira suggests she go for since they don’t have all the time in the world these days, however just then Jodee THINKS she heard RJ on the radio but can’t make anything out.

~ Molly is doing her make up and Jory notices. He can’t help but mention how useless it is to look your best for the undead, which gets her hackles up.

~ Yu Fang talks with Jackson about the concept of undead babies and if they should check Sherry’s grave.

~ Not Placed: Ethan

Three days later…

~ Concerned about having another issue with fellow survivors in the same general area, Warren sends Deakin, Kira and Jackson to investigate. However they are not to engage the other group directly.

~ Yu Fang has yet to get out of bed. Jory goes to wake her and finds her having issues from her condition. She promises she’ll be fine, it’s just a bad day. While he knows better he also knows she’s not dying this week.

~ Jodee notices the plants are dying and her and Krystal try to save them.

~ Bay and Michael hear something in the basement. They go to investigate to find Jerry tinkering on the wiring for the security system. Apparently the building has rats who are chewing on the wires.

~ Upon spying they learn that the group are religious zealots called The Chosen of Christ. The leader, Father Leonard, believes that the end of days will be stopped by the rebirth of Christ and that this requires the Mother Mary as a reborn vessel – whom they will find once God gives them a sign.

~ Deakin accidentally gets caught at that precise moment (accident, fall through something, etc) and Jackson convinces Kira not to dive in after him without the full group as back up. The zealots capture him so they are clearly not killing him for now.

~ JP:  Deakin is interrogated, politely, about the group he came with by Father Leonard. Eventually he comes to suspects Krystal is the Mother Mary!

~ Not Placed: Warren, Molly & Ethan

A day later…

~ Jackson and Kira report to Warren that night. A full team is assembled in the morning to rescue the captured party. The team becomes moot though when The Chosen of Christ arrive in their bus with weapons and attack the group!

~ Yu Fang manages to save Jodee from a potentially deadly blow (while not taking it herself mind you).

~ Meanwhile, while most of The Chosen of Christ is out taking down the group, Deakin manages to take out the guards and escape.

~ The zealots take Krystal and demands the others all swear to their religion or be put down as sinners. While this is happening Deakin arrives and cuts the gas/break line on the van and uses some of their cults own weaponry to save the others and free Krystal.

~ The fighting draws in plenty of undead, causing the zealots to retreat. They threaten to come back another day; nothing can keep them from their Mother Mary.

~ During the swarming of dead Krystal notices her mother! Freaked out, she freezes. Deakin and Michael must save her and put down the undead woman – which does little to stabilize the child.

A day later…

Jodee thanks Yu Fang for saving her and the two bond. Yu Fang confesses that she’d rather die taking a hit for the team then becoming “one of them”.

~ Deakin explains to Krystal that what died out there wasn’t her mother anymore.

~ Jackson notices the various zealots wandering the streets as zombies, including Father Leonard.  Something clearly finished them off on the way back to their precious church. He laughs about it with Ethan and Michael.

~ Jerry takes Jory down to see the wiring issues.

~ Warren sits down with Bay and Kira to discuss their obvious tensions in regards to Ethan and how he needs to know he can trust them to take care of each other even though.

~ Not Placed: Molly

A week later…

~ Krystal is helping Molly make a meal and they want to get something from the cellar. They are attacked by undead rats though and have to lock down the cellar. They don’t know if or when the rats might get through to the house though.

~ Jackson talks with Jodee about her crush on Deakin since he doesn’t get what’s so great about nice-nice farmboy.

~ Yu Fang asks Deakin why he took on Krystal in the first place.

~ Bay talks with Jerry, who warns her that you don’t get a lot of time with the people you love. Take it while you do, and don’t be afraid of it.

~ Jory talks with Ethan about why he is so against dating either of the girls who clearly like him.

~ Michael, Kira and Warren are looking over details for the city lay out for another big scavenging run (leads up to Molly and Krystal telling them about the rat issue).

A week later…

~ Deakin talks with Jodee about how he wants to teach Krystal to fight but fears the others will get upset.

~ Jory and Bay are sent out as a mini “quick pick up” scavenging run for the wiring issues. However he mentions her fading hair color when he notices hair dye on the shelves.

~ Krystal tries to bond with Yu Fang, but when she comes in she finds her taking some pills and asks what they are for. Immediately the Asian girl chases her off.

~ Jerry, Jackson and Michael are trying to clear out the rats (a lost cause given their number and speed) when the temperature drops again and a “random live wire” almost hits Jerry before Michael manages to pull him out of the way.

~ Kira finds a journal hidden in the house. It’s from another survivor who stayed there for a while and details some of her experiences. Her name is Sela and at journals end she was alive but out of pages. She planned to leave behind the full journals incase “anyone” might find them and know who the hell she was one day.

Not Placed: Warren

Two days later…

~ The group is approached by two scouts (Big Joey & Roy) from a family of happy helpers who run a decently fortified farm. They are all about the group staying with them as they have plenty of food and supplies. (Family: Mama Heathcraft, Big Joey, Roy and Lil’ Mindy) Sadly the group must leave the current house so they agree but Warren makes it clear this is a stop off point till they pick their next move, not a permanent residence.

A day later…

~ The group arrive at the Heathcraft farm. They are introduced to the full family.

Later that day…

~ Yu Fang and Bay have a moment to talk about the good old days and how much they miss them (and Bay specifically misses her father).

~ Mama Heathcraft asks if the group will stay, Warren refuses but Michael agrees. Seemingly Michael will leave the group. (Jory is present.)

~ Upon arrival Jodee and Deakin introduce Krystal to Lil’Mindy and the two play while the adults look after them.

~ Jackson, Molly and Kira take “the tour” with Roy around the farm to see how well stocked they are. In the process they see a strange caged off area that Roy informs them used to be for cow-slaughter, but they ran out of cows a while back.

~ Not Placed: Ethan

A day later…

~ A shooter attacks and hits Yu Fang in the arm. Deakin and Ethan are sent out to find the shooter and stop them (along with one of the family members: Big Joey). Jory and Mama Heathcraft treat her.

~ In the process Deakin and Ethan something may be very wrong with the people they are staying with when Big Joey kills the shooter – who is hinting at the family being “bad all over”.

~ Meanwhile Mama Heathcraft offers Yu Fang a room upstairs and promises to look over her so Jory can focus on helping Roy update the security systems. Yu Fang has Jory hold onto her skates for her.

~ Kira, Michael and Jerry attempt to locate the doctor to help Yu Fang but cannot. They run into Roy who tells them he saw Jonathan take off in the night, seemed mad at the group still.

~ Jackson goes to collect Krystal for Jodee. While walking her back inside he explains to her that she is a death trap waiting to happen – it’s a miracle she’s lived this long.

~ Jodee and Molly have been shooed away from helping with dinner. They sit in the room together when they notice some other people’s old belongings are in the room.

~ Bay asks Warren why he wouldn’t want them to stay here, since it has defenses and food.

At dinner that night…

~ The group raises several questions get raised over a big group dinner.

~ Jodee sees the families dirty secret first hand when she finds Yu Fang locked in the room! She has no skills to lock pick but through the door Yu Fang tells her that they took her arms! Dinner is LITERALLY her meats! Freaking out, she runs down stairs to stop the tell the others and all hell breaks loose.

~ Krystal is held against the group and the others have to give up their weapons and are caged while Krystal is held elsewhere.

A few hours later…

~ The group works together to break out of the cattle cage.

~ Mama Heathcraft sends Roy to fetch “more meat” so she can marinated it for tomorrow. Poor Krystal is kept in the dinning room at gun point by Lil’ Mindy. In the process a now zombified Yu Fang attacks and kills Roy. This begins a chain reaction of “bites and death”.

~ Molly manages to free Krystal but their exit is blocked by a zombie. She uses her perfume to confuse its senses long enough for them to get by.

~ Everyone flees the situation, either puts down the zombies or leaves the family to their fate and gets the hell out of there.

A day later…

~ The group holds a funeral for Yu Fang. Sadly the best they can do is burying her skates.

A week later…

~ Against all odds the group finds a Vivos 8 family luxury shelter (look it up its real! O.o) and moves in. The location requires clearing of a small family of five but the group should be strong enough to make that easy.  Everyone can enjoy how well stocked the place is, how comfy and everyone can even have a room!

Two weeks later…

~ Deakin helps Krystal open a toy chest in the children’s room (Jodee is also present). In the process though they find a zombie inside (a child who had crawled in to hide and it had locked them in…). It lurches to bite Krystal and Deakin shoves his arm in the way of its jaws, taking the bite before putting it down.

~ Jory talks about who Molly might have a romantic interest in – if anyone.

~ Jackson and Bay are outside patrolling the area to make sure there are no hidden entrances. When they find a near by sewer grate that might have a connection to the bunker Jackson suggests they split up and each check a path – she can always come running if there is a zombie her way. She refuses because of her phobia.

~ Kira passes out on the couch and Ethan tries to cover her with a blanket. When it wakes her the two talk.

~ Warren and Michael take a tally of the locations resources and find it’s decently well stocked. This COULD be the place they’ve been hoping for.

~ Not Placed: Jerry

A few hours later…

~ Deakin reveals his “condition” to the group who discuss the options. They can shoot him now or wait till he is about to turn – the most they can afford him is a few hours since they really can’t risk one of their strongest fighters turning into a zombie in their midst!

~ Deakin has a moment with Krystal, he tries to urge her to be strong without him. Figuring he is as good as dead he teaches her to use his supplies in the hopes she will survive without him.

~ Molly sees Deakin teaching her to shoot and objects to it given

Krystal’s age. (At this point Krystal leaves and enters the post with Warren and the group.)

~ Jodee has her own little panic attack over the potential loss of Deakin, telling Kira about it.

Warren discusses with Jonathan, Jory, Michael, Jackson and Jerry about who should put Deakin down. Krystal eventually steps in and offers to be the one to shoot Deakin but the group refuses given her age. Michael steps up to bat.

~ Bay freaks out with Ethan, unwilling to see another of their group go down this soon!

That night…

~ Jory and Jonathan come to see how far along Deakin is, Michael with him to do his grim reaper duties. However they instead notice Deakin isn’t degrading at all – he appears to be immune! Upon hearing this Jodee hears this and full on kisses Deakin out of instinct. Before either of them can rationalize the situation…

~ Victory is short lived because the group is attacked by Silhouette agents after Warren. It seems like the group will be taken out by their superior equipment and numbers until another group of agents saves the day – unfortunately Jory recognizes their rescuers a little too late: Raison d’etre.

Two days (in a chopper) later…

~ Deakin is taken for study and the group is forcibly tested for infection. At this point the characters learn about the water supply issue and that nearly everyone IS infected. They also learn Jory ISN’T (and neither is Warren) and Jory is escorted away.

A day later…

~ Jory is taken to see Andrew Armstrong and Tia James. Both work as scientists for the Bastion and Tia has made an amazing break through towards a cure for the undead. She hopes that Deakin will be the tipping point they needed. They sway Jory into helping them, but he agrees on the condition Deakin will NOT be dismantled!

~ The men (Jerry, Jackson, Ethan, Michael & Warren) are housed together. Ethan once more asks the gaurds about his mother with no success. However they do inform them that chances are once they are done with Deakin he will be “dismantled for parts” by the Bastion. They also assure them that the “Jory they know” cares more about the cure then any of “you poor suckers in there”.

~ The women (Bay, Jodee, Krystal, Molly & Kira) are also housed together and hear the same information.

Three days later…

~ Tia learns from Jory that her son, Michael, is with the survivor group. While he suggests she should see him, she refuses. Michael is infected, any attachment would be asking for pain later. (Deakin is present.)

~ Jory also explains to Deakin what he is and how it could help people.

~ The men give Warren the 3rd degree about why him and Jory are “clean” and they aren’t.

~ The women can bond while trying to figure out what they will do now.

Two days later…

~ With no time and few options, the group must escape and rescue Deakin. Sadly to do so they must open all the cell doors for specimens – chances are high it would bring down the entire bastion since many of those cells are full of undead. So do they save their lives and their friend or damn a whole bastion? Ultimately they rule in favor of Deakin.

~ When they break out they reach Deakin in time and find Andrew in the room, as well as Jory! Tia was elsewhere in the building and Andrew hears her pleading for help over the phone. He is unwilling to leave her but asks the group to take the potential cure and run. Survive and improve it, he trusts Jory can do this.

~ Jory voices his anger to Warren about condemning the only “clean” bastion in the world. 

Three weeks later…

~ The group takes up staying in the Emory University temporarily, locked away inside a classroom while they figure out where to go next that would be more secure. Sadly they are on the other side of the country now!

~ Molly talks with Jory about how they really only have each other, that’s why the group risked so much. She mentions how its great that he can see the big picture so clearly, but it’s a little scary how little he cares about the little people along the way.

~ Michael learns from Deakin (who overheard Jory and Tia talking) that the scientist was in fact his mother – who is likely now dead.

~ Warren is looking over the options they’ve compiled when Jackson steps in. He asks if Warren can actually DO this leader shit, and the answer isn’t quite what he might expect.

~ Kira finds another journal! She reads and finds herself really connecting with Sela. This one mentions Sela’s ex-husband by the name John.

~ Krystal asks Jodee if the dead are everywhere. Before this she had thought it was just one city, just one state, but they are across the US and everything still looks the same. Bay tries to help distract from the depression by filming Krystal and Jodee ala Blair Witch. She gets the idea this could be a useful thing to do for others too.

~ Not Placed: Jerry & Ethan

A week later…

~ Needing a more permanent place to stay, the group put down roots in a new home.

~ Shortly after arrival Jory is accosted by bandits. The bandits threaten to break the groups’ defenses and lead the dead inside if the character doesn’t sneak them some of the groups supplies regularly. Jory complies out of fear for everyone – particularly since the bandits are well armed – but spikes the supplies with house hold chemicals to kill off the bandits.

~ During this time Bay takes up filming the group like a documentary. She starts with Kira.

~ Deakin attempts to teach Jodee and Molly to fight.

~ After the training session Jodee and Deakin finally talk about “that kiss” and what it might mean for them.

~ Jackson and Michael discuss the way these Bastions are messed up in the head and seem destined to fall apart.

~ Jerry is attempting to make sketches of something on some paper when Krystal notices. She attempts to bond over art with him.

~ Not Placed: Molly 

A week later…

~ Bay’s  attempt to shadow Michael which results in him telling her to stop!

~ Jodee notices food supplies are getting short and begins to suspect a traitor. At the same time Molly picks up on missing cleaning supplies, which aren’t normally something the group cares about.

~ Ethan either thanks Kira for taking it easy on Bay when she was filming OR asks her to cut the girl some slack (varying by Kira’s reaction of course).

~ Jackson admits to a lack of faith in the group since Warren isn’t a committed leader. Jerry refuses to leave them since he feels the people here are good people and they need to help them.

Later that day…

 ~ When the issue is brought before Warren and the group (Whoever isn’t placed)Jory confesses but explains what he has been up to. They are shocked to learn he can be so underhandedly brutal. He cautions them that by this point the other group will be showing signs of sickness, possibly even death, and with tomorrow night being another drop off they’ll likely come in force. (Deakin and Krystal also present.)

A day later…

~ Molly talks with Jory about how cruel he can be, and how someone has to keep his morality in check!

~ Jodee is with Kira when a radio transmission comes through from RJ! Jodee is excited until all she hears is: “Don’t come looking for me. Run.”

~ Ethan and Bay explain to Krystal about the moral ambiguity of what Jory has done.

 That night…

~ That night, when the drop off should take place, the bandits show up sickly to get revenge for their fallen but don’t last long against the group.

A month later…

~ Kira becomes infected while out on a scavenging run with Ethan and Jory.

~ Deakin finds himself very weak after nights of no sleep thanks to nightmares and then eating half rations for this long. Jackson lectures him on it since he’s a fighter and Jerry backs him up in a gentler fashion.

~ Jodee and Krystal discover a ton of gardening supplies in the shed!

~ Bay asks Warren for insight on why Ethan is afraid to be with anyone.

~ Molly brings Michael something to eat while he is on watch.

Later that day…

~ Given Jory has been working on the cure, he administers it with Kira’s permission. Warren shows a particular interest in this and Jory finally picks up on Warren’s unspoken knowledge of the virus.

~ Krystal asks Jodee and Deakin if Kira will be allright.

~ Ethan is worried about Kira and talks about it with Jackson.

~ Bay feels bad since she and Kira never got along and admits this to Molly.

~ Michael, Jonathan and Jerry discuss Kira’s situation and Michael explains that he was willing to shoot Deakin, he did shoot Sherry and if need be he will shoot Kira. He does not trust this “cure”. However Jerry makes one thing clear: There is a difference between having loyalty enough to the group that you’ll put them down (Michael) and not giving a shit so take them out while you still can (Jonathan).

Two days later…

~ Kira survives after a bout of bad fever and some touch and go.  Molly watches over her while Michael and Jonathan suggest they may have to her down anyways, raising some tension. Molly gives both men what-for.

~ Bay notices Ethan is lingering outside, clearly wanting to check on Kira. While it saddens her, she tries to take the high road and encourage him to check on her.

~ Deakin is on watch when Jory comes out into the rain with a thing of soap and starts showering!

~ Krystal keeps having nightmares and Jodee can’t convince the girl that this house is safe (given the legacy of not safe houses in their past). Jerry hears them talking and offers to “keep watch” for her through the night.

~ Jackson warns Warren that so far things have been really up and down. Given what he knows of the man’s love to lead, he will vote his ass out and replace him with one better if things keep going down hill.

One day later…

~ Molly assures Jory that she has faith in his cure.

~ Kira finally gets a visit from Ethan.

~ Bay is depressed about Ethan’s obvious care for Kira. Jodee and Krystal stop to see if she is okay.

~ Deakin gets upset with Michael for being a little TOO eager to shoot his own people. Jerry steps in to help mediate.

~ Jackson is on his own when he thinks he sees someone head up to the attic space. He follows the vision up only to be assaulted by nightmares of his own making. After he opts to tell no one.

~ Warren sits down with Jonathan and makes one thing very clear: He can give a shit about the group or not, that isn’t important. But he needs to care about keeping them alive. If he draws a line where that stops being the case, as it almost did with Kira, then he will throw him to the wolves. A doctor who wants to end a life instead of save it is of NO USE to the group.

Two weeks later…

~ Kira is out scavenging with Michael, Bay and Jackson on a basic run for something when things go terribly wrong. The group ends up forced onto an apartment building and has only one way out: They must climb across telephone cables that are close by – after jumping to the telephone poll in the first place!

~ Sadly Michael does not make the jump and falls seemingly to their death below. However Kira takes the risk and goes down after them, using athletics to descend in a less painful fashion. Upon reaching Michael she finds they are alive! However the dead are moving in and they must get to safety. They run to the building the other characters are crawling towards via the power lines and hold the door against the undead. Thankfully the inside of the house is clear. But then it happens. Kira can hear the dead talking to her! Is she going mad or is there something wrong with the cure? The rest of the group eventually reaches the building and saves the day.

~ Jory returns from his own scavenging run (with Deakin and Jerry) and has booze to show for it! He sits down to have some with Warren. The two try to bury the hatchet somewhat.

~ Deakin talks with Ethan about how he should just pick one of the girls already, they both clearly like him! However Ethan counters with why he hasn’t made a move with Jodee yet!

~ Molly talks with Jodee about how lately Jory hasn’t been himself and she worries about him. Krystal is present.

~ Jerry takes a moment with Jonathan and apologizes for how harsh he’s been with him. He explains that callousness is what forms monsters like the Bastions. He tries to figure out (likely with epic difficultly) why the doctor has such a hard time caring – and if that is something that can change.

A day later…

~ Kira keeps her issue secret from most of the group, choosing to tell only Jory.

~ Warren finally gets the home computer up and running, though it’s an older and bulky model. He begins researching possible lines of communication for Silhouette and Michael notices this. Michael learns that Silhouette may have ambushed them because they were after Warren in the first place.

~ Bay asks Ethan what his feelings towards Kira really are. She doesn’t want to live her potentially short life hooked on a guy in love with someone else!

~ Deakin attempts to get the courage up to ask out Jodee, but as the words come out her radio comes to life again. This time it has a distressed woman’s voice begging for help as she is trapped in a local radio station, she says her name is Sela Warner.

~ Molly sees Krystal tending the garden and realizes the little girl is actually quite the botanist, so she asks where she learned it from.

~ Jackson talks with Jerry about how maybe HE should try leading.

Two days later…

~ Kira, Warren and Jonathan are talking to Sela to evaluate if they should rescue her. Kira finally gets to talk to the woman she’s been reading about and learns for certain that Sela’s “John” is the same one traveling with the group.

~ Depressed by Ethan’s words (while  not outright rejecting her he does admit he cares for Kira) Bay sneaks into Jonathan’s stash (since he’s busy) and overdoses in a teenage fit of depression. Jerry finds her and calls for Jory who has to save her life.

~ Jodee demands Deakin finish what he was going to tell her! The two decide if they should be a couple or not.

~ Ethan, Jackson and Michael are on guard duty when they notice what they think is a shambler outside. However they quickly realize it’s a blind woman and have to rescue her!

~ Molly and Krystal discuss how Krystal would feel about Jodee and Deakin together.

End of Season 1