City of Crosses – New Look (and yes it’s badass)

Demica wasn’t the only one working their carpel tunnel this month. The entire City of Crosses website has gotten a face lift. The character pages (CIS) specifically has a new look, mimicking a fun Wiki for City of Crosses.  Look below for some samples.

STATS – There is a new hidden system.

The reason it is hidden is because I do not want new characters developed off of a desire for power or combat prowess. Most player characters aren’t geared for combat, rather they focus on social aspects of the game, and so the stats really aren’t important to the general player. However they look fucking cool and they help me with combat immensely. (It looks hot pink on Lastomen for some reason… oh well.)

City of Crosses' New Look

City of Crosses Character Page

CIS Page

Despite the cool new look, please note that there maybe typo-s and shit. Just inform me if you see some. Thanks.

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