Membership Regulations

Lastomen’s membership rules and regulations are cross realm. That means that these rules apply to all the different role playing realms and thus are not repeated on their individual site.

NOTICE: By sending in a Character Creation Sheet you are signing an invisible contract that states you know it is your responsibility to read and know these regulations before joining. If you do not then we will be removing your membership.

We of course hold the right to change these rules and regulations as needed. You will be notified of any changes. You needn’t take action when a change occurs save for making yourself aware of the changes.

There are a lot of them but bear in mind most are no-brainers so long as you’re a decent person by nature.

No Flaming: Other wise known as being an unpleasant and argumentative person. Verbal (written or otherwise) attacks on someone are not permitted. Humorous jabbing of the ole’ elbow into the ribs is fine but not full out assault on someone. If there is a personal matter taking place between you and another member of Lastomen take the case to the Court of Moderator aka Salem D. Dolan ( or Rochelle Simpson ( Do not for any reason publicly (on the boards or blog) continue the fight for it only creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone not involved.

Respect Intellectual Property: Do not create a character that is a blatant rip-off of someone’s idea. That rule extends from Lastomen members clear across the Intellectual Property spectrum of media based entertainment characters. Now that said satire is totally allowed. Also we are not so concerned with this that we’ll be scanning pages and pages of Google images to make sure you’re not being devious nor do we care if you want to play a character that ends up looking similar. For example: someone plays a Nezumi (rat-spirit-people). They would happen to have a similar body type to Splinter from Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles. No one is going after you for that.

Minimum Participation: Please post for your characters (each one) at least 3 times a week. Keep in mind that the actual flow of the storyline is dependent on everyone’s participation so space your days out if you can so no one is waiting four days or more for your reply.

Notification of Absence: It is crucial you give the moderators a notification of absence. You needn’t tell us why you need time off but a ball park amount is required. People who vanish without notification for 3 weeks are automatically removed and their characters are dealt with as the moderators fancy. Some are killed off and others are faded or relocated but needless to say if you cannot give us a heads up and you vanish you pay the price with your characters. All you have to do is post on the blog ‘Absence – Name’ or something like it as the title and tell us how long you’re outta here for.

Story/Plot Development Restraints: The moderators retain all power over the flow and implementation of the story. Players are highly encouraged to submit suggestions and ideas for their characters and over all. However if everyone could freestyle the plot line it would be chaos. So please do not create / develop plot lines without consultation. This includes having children! They are character/plot development points. Further if you have no one to play the child by the time it reaches age 10 it is removed from the RP violently… aka deeeeaaattthhhhhh.

Play Your Own: Please only post / reply for your own characters. Do not post for another player’s characters, a moderator character or NPC aka non-player characters (without consultation of the moderator).

Play Only Approved Characters: Do NOT play a character that you have submitted but has not been approved by the moderator.

Adoptable Characters: These are characters created by the moderators for adoption by players. Adopting does not make the character the property of the player! The CIS updates must be approved by the moderator. Further the character must be played to CIS specifications. Players who have trouble connection to an adopted character (and it happens, no judgment with this) are asked to relinquish the character.

CIS Updates: You are responsible for submitting updates for your characters’ Character Information Sheets. Please do so frequently. We recommend every Time Jump posted (moving ahead of time in a realm for plot’s sake) that an update follow to reflect any changes that occurred during the last batch of time. That said only send in the new or altered information – not the entire CIS. Further please update any portion of the website where your character’s information is present – aka Chronicles of Aether’s Character List blurbs.

Advertising: Please do not post plugs or other advertisements on the blog or yahoo sites (the email sites we use for the realms) without permission of the moderators.

Power of the Moderators: The moderators (and co-mods) have the power to change rules, remove players or characters who are problematic, deny CIS submissions or ask for alterations, change up the website(s), close or open a group freely, create characters, contact members on their private emails, oversee story/character development.

Grammar/Spelling: Where we don’t expect anyone to be perfect in this area please do your best. We have members who are ESL or English as a Second Language. Misspelled words or horrible punctuation makes it nigh impossible for them to feel confidant when replying. If you cannot use a spell check and you are not great with spelling or disregard the courtesy of your grammar and spelling we may have to remove you.

Posting Format: Please follow the in game required posting format. You will see it when you receive posts from the groups in your in-box. It is the subject header. Please do not change that subject header (we know the email engines add the Re:) without asking permission first of the moderator.

Ping Pong Posting: Please do not flood the group with over 5 posts between yourself and one other person. First off if there are other players’ characters in that post line with you then you are being rude and no longer giving them a chance to participate. Secondly no one wants to have to delete or read through 20 emails between you and one other player. IF you are on a post line with just you and one other player consider Joint Posting via a instant messenger client, compiling the co-authored story and posting it in one email to the group.

Rated R: There is no lemon or sexually explicitness allowed in posts. We do not want to read it and we do not want to encourage it as there may be underage people in the group.

Minimum Post Requirements: Please have enough content in your post to allow someone else to respond to it. Do not post to no one “Barbara walked into the room and sat in the farthest table she could from the commotion.” That gives no one incentive to post back to you. Wallflower Barbara may be but do not expect people to bend over backwards to include your character.