Chronicle of Aether Plotlines

Last Updated: Dec 25 2016

Note: If you do not see your character below it is because
I have literally ZERO plots for them of any kind! Submit some quickly!
Also, Side Characters will not be listed below but Villain Characters will be.

~ Bond: Matius (be envious of his happy marriage), Tess (reconnect with big sis, maybe discuss their issues with siblings?)

~ Adrian worries that the Tower of the Violeteye may be used by whatever dark forces awoke the dragons. He doesn’t want to see that power fall into enemy hands so he takes the League into the deadly Wysterian landscape to destroy it.
~ Attacked by Ignis Shades who hate the Violeteye. When they go after Adrian is becomes obvious he is a Violeteye himself.
~ As they travel there, Adrian explains to them why it is important this place by destroyed. It could be a viable weapon, the magics inside are very powerful, but anyone who knows them is cursed with that knowledge. It never ends well.
~ Find the Tower is gone! The whole thing appears to have been vanished from existence! See What Happens.

~ Adrian learns that his brother was captured by anarchists from Wysteria – a movement which has gained a lot more membership since the fall of their homeland. Concerned for him, he naturally decides to go find out more. (See who wants to come but drag along Tess, Vanshee & Aros.)
~ Along the way he talks with his “family” about how things were between him and his brother as children. He blames himself for driving a wedge between them, especially after their sister and mother died.
~ Upon arrival they split up to investigate where Crellin was taken.
~ Team 1 talks to his commander that gave him orders to deal with the growing rebellion issue. Learn how the anarchists have changed, becoming more aggressive than ever – especially against their own people.
~ Team 2 checks out the place Crellin was last sent to and finds signs of a fight. They also find a medal that belonged to Crellin.
~ Meeting back up, they use a ritual to track Crellin via the medal but it leads to his abandoned corpse. Adrian snaps and invokes Tercel to find the anarchists and destroy them. The others must catch up to him.
~ Even after, Tercel can’t release control. (See Vanshee & Aros’ Plots)

~ Bond: Theos (be handed off to him by Sadarius), Liam (say goodbye since he’s moving up to the Arcane Sanctum), Anyone Free (get lost in the city and need directions)

~ Vyella and Celisdane are out on the streets when they notice a shady character. They try to track them down but instead notice a device left behind. Not sure what it is, and not trusting it, they take it to Theos.
~ Theos realizes its some kind of Shaytan bomb. Thankfully it wasn’t armed, likely because the person doing so was spooked off. However, if there is one there may be more.
~ Andy works with Theos to create little arcane spirits that will detect these devices and then they will unleash them around the city. Champions can follow them to devices and destroy them before they go off.
~ Andy and Brynn are at ground zero when one of the devices goes off before they can disarm it. Andy summons up an ice wall but freezes the entire sub level of the Sanctum that they are in. Worse, he has no idea how to get rid of it. They are safe, but trapped. They are safely trapped.
~ The others get them out.

~ Try extra hard to impress Theos by creating a spell to quickly organize the library. Instead it brings the library to life. (A random Arcane Sanctum character – or characters – with nothing else to do can notice and try to assist.)
~ Eventually Theos is notified and uses his magic to cut the spells to the entire area. Naturally Andy is extremely apologetic and assumes he’s in big trouble. Theos isn’t mad so much as overwhelmed by all the wards and spells he will now have to put back into place.
~ A day later Andy has had no sleep as he tried to put everything back by hand so he won’t fuck it up. Theos gets a heads up from Shayness about it.
~ Theos reassures Andregoras that he’s not sending him away.

~ He speaks to Xanthus for help and ends up in debt to the mafia because of it.
~ Noru is sent to get the name from one of the street agents.
~ Xanthus delivers the goods to Amon after, its a man named Bloodfinger – best known for slitting the necks of his enemies and using paralytics. However, Xanthus warns him that the man is a symptom, not the disease. The real killer is the one who hired Bloodfinger. He offers to help for a price but Amon refuses and opts to do that part on his own.
~ Gets Helen’s assistance to try and narrow down who it is since she’s good at investigation.
~ Have Daneille arrest Bloodfinger for him. However she finds him not home and instead there is a note about a new job in the city he’s out on. She races to tell Amon.
~ They learn the man is a sleazy uncle of Kyhstari’s and that he’s coming to see her that night. At the same time Danielle reaches them and tells them what she found. They all realize Kyshtari is the next target and race to save her.
~ They arrive in the nick of time to save her from her uncle and have him arrested. 

~ Amon attempts to set up a surprise “remarriage” with Helen. He calls together the family friends and the older (and thus capable of keeping a secret) children. (Danielle, Serena, Percy & Keita). It is decided that Lucy can act as flower girl, Percy as ring bearer, Serena as maid of honor and Virgil as best man. The plan is to pull this off by the first of Cancer.
~ Serena and Danielle come up with a plan to get Helen a suitable dress and somehow escort her to the location without tipping her off. See What Happens.
~ Amon and Helen renew their vows to one another.

~ Asato with Mouko while the son of entropy is having a meeting with Andrew about his most recent attack on the religions of the world. He admits he feels left out when they all come together and he¹s never invited.
~ Mouko points out that the ‘good’ groups have one thing going for them: they work together. ‘Evil’ groups tend to isolate and nip at one another. It slows down progress. Mouko and Andrew talk about how they can play the current societies to their benefit. (Money systems, people in power, mass destruction…etc.)

~ Asoth talks to Andrew about how he thinks he’d enjoy a hominid form again. He cites that there are a few bodies he’d be willing to take (Gray or anther cat person from the new land or Eiranis who looks cat enough) he admits he wants to be closer to his most faithful and be their child in constitution. Andrew and Daminous are the two most faithful.
~ Andrew goes to Ion and Sain to have it done. Asoth points out he doesn’t want to say a baby for more then a year, after all half of what he wants to do is be standing beside Andrew as a show of magnificence and power. Children don’t have have that. Asoth orders them to obtain Lucious De’Dawning for the time-skipping process on his body.
~ Andrew discusses with Abel and Ross the process of getting the Paladin of Light to come and help them. They figure it won’t be willingly so they will need bait. Maelstrom is another paladin that will also have to be kept in check. Kris is an obvious choice but there are others that both men are attached to. They choose Sally.
~ Lucious and Maelstrom are brought the baby to age up.

~ Edward takes Ashlyn on a routine mission in a local village, along the way they are ambushed by bandits and captured.
~ While captured, Ashlyn uses her magic to help then escape and get the jump on their captors. 

~ Maelstrom is out for drinks and Ashlyn takes an interest in Maelstrom and chats with him, learning he’s a knight but not that he is the Paladin of Dark. She gets a small crush on him.
~ A few days later, Ashlyn mentions the man she met to Monnique, who instantly recognizes the description of the Paladin of Dark. Ashlyn is stunned to learn her crush is someone so important, it makes her feel like she needs to work harder to even be near that kind of level.
~ Ashlyn cuts herself while helping at the bakery, worrying Calliope. Naturally its nothing serious but it shows that the young knight is pulling long shifts trying to help out at the bakery still while also being a full time knight.
~ While out on a routine patrol, Ashlyn endangers herself and her partner (Kime) during a fight when she’s sluggish due to a lack of sleep. Kime saves her but demands answers and learns she’s been overworking herself. He promises to report her to Edward because pulling this is dangerous.
~ The next day Edward calls Ashlyn into his office and demands she give up one job, or the other, she cannot do both without being a danger to those she works with. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Lucious (hit on him, prompting him to freak out since he has issues with sex at this point), Kariel (best slut buddies?), Essence (send letters home)

~ Astera talks with the other Templars – Detridon and Kaidan, about what they are meant to do. She can’t help but wonder since they are each of a different ‘teir’ of power. She is a Templar of the Host, Detridon of the Elemental Gods and Kaidan of the Dragons. Why?
~ See What Happens (Yes this one is short but it may lead to more chains depending on how their talk goes.)

~ Astera seeks out Leorajh and flirts with him. However, she’s not just there for some foreplay, she wants to know if he’ll train her as a killer. Her lessons up till now were only ever faith and protection but as a Templar she knows she needs to become more.
~ Astera’s brothers and mother come to the Dawnbringer. Deeba is determined to help and can’t imagine a pair of “numbskull meat shields” aren’t useful as well. She is upset to see them in harms way and yet thrilled to have a chance to see them again.
~ Shamshad takes a liking to Leorajh, trying to become his bestie and show him how charming, charismatic (and often stupid) he is. Kind of use him as a sub in for Faron?
~ See what happens.

~ Balor indulges himself and pays Fenda a visit at the theater again. He catches her right before a break in rehearsal. She invites him backstage to chat. They agree to acting lessons and reading lines. Fenda sees his talent and they bond.
~ During one of Balor’s acting lessons he confides in Fenda about how isolated he feels. He even opens up about his sister, though he makes her out to be cruel for abandoning him. Fenda, feeling far closer to Balor after he shares, suggests they test his acting skills by creating a new persona for him. And even suggests trying his persona out on others at a party.
~ During AN event Fenda attends with Balor, so after she dances with someone and they talk – Balor is initially jealous but quickly assured that there is nothing “there”. She then introduces him to Audrey.
~ Balor begins to realize that balancing his relationship with her along with his schemes against his sister is going to be tenuous.
~ A critic comes down hard on Fenda after one of her shows and Balor is there to witness the event.
~ That night Balor kills the critic.
~ Fenda is with Audrey when she learns that the critic has been murdered.
~ Balor takes Demetri’s form and tries to seduce or force himself on Medea. (Basically if he cannot seduce her he will assault her.)
~ If he has to assault her, Medea goes to Eshana furious about what Demetri has done.
~ If he seduces her, Eshana can feel the change in her the next day and pulls a “I’m so happy for you, get out of my sight”.
~ Either Medea (if Eshana sent her packing) or Eshana (if Medea came to her about assault) go to Demetri the next day.
Medea will ask him to talk sense into Eshana on the matter. When he realizes Medea is acting strangely about him (romantically) he’ll try to figure out why and when he doesn’t know anything about their night together she will assume he used her and storm out.
~ Demetri will go to Eshana for answers and get the same cold shoulder. She’ll tell them to shut up and be happy together already – its clear they are a wonderful couple. Her lack of ability to listen to him will cause Demetri to throw his hands up and walk out.
Eshana will demand to know what he thought he was doing and be ready to unleash hellfire. He will adamantly refuse he did anything wrong and be furious she would have so little faith in him.
~ Eshana will go to Medea about Demetri’s statement he remembers nothing. Medea will be furious that Eshana would even doubt her, they are soul sisters! She wouldn’t make this up and couldn’t make up the emotions either way. Eshana mentions that Medea could be doing this to ruin whatever is left between her and Demetri and Medea will snap and leave.
~ Mira turns up dead in her room at AEGIS – found by Adan who swears the last person he saw leave the room was Eshana. He tells someone [whoever is free], who goes for help and tells him to stay in his room and lock the door.
~ The person comes back with authorities. However when they go to get Adan’s testimony he’s dead in his room, burnt to a crisp! (The truth is, Balor had the boy hostage all this time and torched him now that his identity was no longer needed.)
~ AEGIS arrests Eshana Pyrelight for her crimes.
~ Jean comes to talk to her about the matter. She swears she had no reason to go near either kid, she didn’t even know them. However, Jean has multiple eye witnesses that say both students were vocal about her using the school to feed on the students and now they are both dead – its too much coincidence to just ignore. He brings in one of the mages of the council and tells Eshana, if they detect any vampirism on her then he can’t help her. However, if there is nothing then they will set her free. Naturally her runes glow under the magical examination and she is put to the death in three days time (basically enough time to get the royal signature on it).
~ JJ delivers the bad news to Phaedria about Mira’s death.
~ Helen and Amon break the sad news to Keita as well, since that was his mentor.
~ The night before her supposed execution, Balor shows up to a drugged (Araneae venom) Eshana and offers to rescue her. She mocks him for having done this before. She calls him on the strangely acting Demetri, the way everyone turned on her… showing up before she’d be put to the death? All an act he’s done back when the Crown was hunting Mages. She fell for it then but she wont’ knows. At that point Jean, Taren and Sarias pop out, having been listening all along. Balor uses his demons to narrowly escape and vows to bring Eshana home with him one day soon.
~ Eshana is released and cleared of charges.
~ She calls Demetri and Medea together and explains the situation in total. She then locks the door with magic and says the three of them aren’t leaving the room until the romantic “bullshit” is over with. See What Happens.
~ Fenda learns from gossipers at the amphitheater that her “protégé” is charged with the murder of two mages and attempting to frame his sister, Eshana. When he comes to see her next, she reacts to that information. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Phaedria & JJ (no idea what but the post shall be called PB & J!), Willow (he takes her out and buys her something nice, however he claims it’s just for show incase others are watching), Sheldon (tries to go pet shopping and can’t find any he likes – mostly because he doesn’t realize he misses Snugs)

~ Barnaby notices that Rylin is attempting to compete with him and finds it an amusing game. He opts to set up players to make it “fun” for everyone. (With Sheldon)
~ He recruits Barbara to compete with Liam’s fashion work. (Promises her time studying under Willow as incentive.)
~ Chloe and Fenda are offered premier slots as actresses in the troupe.
~ Chorozon is offered a stable position as the organizer of the troupe.
~ Helen is offered the position of playwright.
~ See what happens.

~ It’s Barnaby’s birthday and Willow tries to whip up a surprise party for him. He’s got a very small list of friends, most of which are not party people. To bolster the list she invites Demetri as well but Barnaby doesn’t take it well.
~ After, Willow talks to Alessa and Hope about her mess up. She admits she feels like, when it comes to Barnaby, it’s almost impossible to do things right.
~ Barnaby grumbles to Sheldon about how he should have stopped Willow from her stupid idea. Lydia is with him at the time, since he has no babysitters for the girl. When Barnaby barks at her for being irritating, it sparks a bit of rebellion from Sheldon who calls Barnaby on being _to_ selfish. Willow had bent over backwards to please him, just like everyone in his life, and he was never once grateful.
~ Barnaby talks with Jean about how Sheldon isn’t wrong. But that acting grateful feels weak to him. He doesn’t want to be vulnerable and then hurt because of it.
~ Barnaby apologizes to Willow.

~ Eon is raided by Aetherians who blame them for various losses they have suffered over the years. Battista tries to help, but using Snugs would be a slaughter and not using him is letting the Dahhak be killed! See What Happens, but either way Battista becomes enraged by the senseless and repeating violence he’s seen. First it was anti-magic, then anti-Phairan, then anti-Werewolf and now anti-Dahhak. People will always find a reason to hate and he wants to become an agent to stop that.
~ Battista travels a month by boat to reach Phaira. The most powerful creature he can think of is Cerrin/Savarius, however he was last seen flying off towards the allied nation across the sea so he hopes to seek him out there.
~ Battista meets Helia Sassani, a young Aetherian woman who has been raised in Phaira. She talks about having seen a great dragon but it was headed towards the Cradle of Life – a far off and dangerous location at the very best. See What Happens.

~ The Temple actually asks the League for help on a matter of a “demon mage” in a near by small village. The location is too tiny to warrant any knights or protection but has people living there fear for their lives. Blaine, Orianna and Tess are sent out  (with Tess in charge). Upon arrival they find the issue is a warlock calling himself Deathbringer. He has been demanding sacrifices from the town and generally making an evil ass of himself.
~ Blaine meets a man in the woods who claims to know the secret of Deathbringer: It’s the rune blade. It was created by the Violeteye family a long time ago to house a spirit of ultimate power and suffering. However, the blade is both the key to his power and his demise. If he is killed with his own blade then he will be destroyed forever.
~ Blaine tells the girls about this but they are both skeptical. He mistakes their lack of faith in the source of the information as a lack of faith in HIS ability to do this and he snaps on them.
~ Blaine meets with the old man who helps him find the hide out of the Deathbringer. He claims the blade but finds the warlock nowhere to be found… until the old man reveals he IS Deathbringer. He sets himself up to fall but promises Blaine that doing so makes HIM the next Deathbringer. Arrogantly, Blaine assures him that will never happen and puts the man out of his (and the towns peoples) misery.
~ Blaine returns, high on power and with the blade. The girls realize what he has done to acquire it and are horrified. Orianna won’t even look at him. She warns him this will only end badly. Power won in this way will only ruin his life. See What Happens.
~ Eventually realize the power is destroying the things he cares about.
~ Need help from Leila & her group.

~ Bond: Odin (after being taken in, harpies pick at Callie and he learns some of her past)

~ Calliope saves up enough money to revamp the Bakery. She calls together the people in her life to help her redesign it and rename it – just in time for the Holidays. (Present: Odin, Camellia, Ashlyn & Tabitha)

~ As a present, Calliope is snuck into the royal stables for a bit. Odin is off with some others, letting her do her thing. She runs into Kendra and Monnique, who were about to go out for a ride and they talk.

~ Calliope approaches Kathleen about repaying her debt to her. Callie wants to find the butch that killed Kaylee and get revenge. They discuss exactly what kind of revenge Callie wants, and Callie agrees to work towards capture and a trail. Kathleen promises to connect her with a sketch artist and get word out about the escaped anarchist that killed Kaylee.
~ The killer comes after Calliope for setting the knights on her ass. Calliope narrowly survives long enough to run for the nearest knight. However, this means she is no longer safe. The woman has promised to come again and finish the job.

~ Bond: Xalia (eventually mentor her in marksmanship), Vyella & Saren (archery competition for fun where both girls stress out about if it’s okay to win against your PRINCE or not)

(After Theos’ “heroic blessings” plot.)
~ Celisdane volunteers to seek out Varden Violeteye for him – mostly as a way to get out of the Arcane Sanctum a while and not watch the happy couple. Either Vyella or Kariel (or both) could come with her.
~ While investigating they find Adrian instead, leading them to the Champion’s League. Frustrated, this still prompts the CL to learn about the different magics and such in the AS.
~ The Champion’s League discuss, as a group, if they wish to join the Arcane Sanctum or remain independent.
~ Celisdane and whoever went with her, continue their search for Varden and find it leads to the Violeteye Tower… or where is _should_ be.
~ They bring their intel back to Theos. See What Happens.

(After Xalia is apprenticing under Celisdane.)
~ Xalia notices Shaynessa napping on a bench, clearly exhausted. She explains the trauma of her triplets but it eventually comes around to her troubles with her sister as well. Xalia learns Shaynessa is actually the little sister of Celisdane.
~ Xalia attempts to bring up Shaynessa with Celisdane and finds it puts her mentor in the worst mood in history.
~ After, Xalia is “punished” and made to take somethings to Kariel. Kariel assures her that Celisdane’s wrath is founded – at least in her mind.

~ Melchior plots to send a succubus in as a prospective “wife” for Chestin so he can mess with the kingdom as a whole. Hearing about this, Celith suggests she and Balor (in disguise) introduce the woman to society, especially since Celith knows Chestin personally.
~ While in transit she slyly tempts the succubus with a “protection from holy” spell – “just in case” – that is actually a ritual to make her true nature visible when she speaks the right word.
~ Balor does the introduction to Chestin, since he is posing as a noble and Celith is technically not a part of society, and Celith stays hidden near enough by to activate the her spell. When Chestin sees the truth he strikes the woman down and Balor is forced to make excuses.
~ Balor accuses her after and she denies it. He has no evidence but he is VERY furious and suspects her.
~ When they report back to Melchior he demands what went wrong. Celith swears that Balor must have botched it since he was in their with her and Celith was safely elsewhere.

~ A small roadside carnival group comes to town by young people are going missing. Gaelnaris, Matius and Orianna investigate. However, during this time Schaw and Aros go to the carnival out of curiosity. Schaw is captured and Aros is dominated by the vampire in charge!
~ The group must fight Aros, an insane power house, long enough to try and destroy whatever the vampire is using to control him. Schaw attempts to break out in the process.
~ In the end the towns people end up afraid of Aros (and possibly Orianna if she has to take dragon form).

~ A nobleman begs the League for help. His son is missing. He will pay handsomely if they can find him, alive, and bring him home safe and sound. He was last known to be staying in a small estate just outside of the County of Barrely.
~ Adrian separates them into two teams, one to talk to the town about anything involving his disappearance and the other to investigate the residence for signs of where he went. Town = Tess, Vanshee & Gaelnaris. Residence = Blaine, Orianna, Aros & Adrian.
~ Town: Learns that various children have been going missing and turning up dead and molested. People are angry and suspect almost any male outsider at this point – something the group gets the brunt of at first.
~ Residence: Find evidence that the son is extremely religious, penitent and… twisted. He has his own private “abuse myself” chamber with a lot of blood around it that is actually his own.
~ Meeting up together, they decide the best way to hone in on the target is to have Orianna get the location via Web of the Universal Mind while Aros makes a “map” of the area. He can then use her result to map a route from here to there.
~ Upon reaching it, they find children in cages and the son is deranged while cuddling one of them on his lap. He explains that he is a monster. That he cannot help himself. The group must decide if they will put him down or bring him back for the reward. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Theos (flirt with him), Trisha (get a debriefing on how their faith works)

~ A voidmancer named Yeana has gone mad. Now that they are in the open world she has stolen her daughter, Kaati. The father, Cyril, urges that a small team be sent to recover his child – Yeana is not of sane mind right now! Chantria is sent, along with Kariel (a fellow voidmancer to combat her) and a local who knows the land (Danx).
~ They discover Yeana at one of the destroyed time gate locations. She is convinced that if she uses the “bond” between mother and child she can destroy all Shaytan energies. However, it seems they must both die to accomplish this so she’s setting up a sacrificial ritual. They must break through her defenses and rescue Kaati.
~ After, they return the child to her father. He explains that voidmancy is dangerous and that those involved in it seem doomed to go mad. However, he is grateful for their help and gives them each a 1 use healing potion.

~ Chantria comes to Willow for fashion advice. The attire worn by the Arcane Sanctum is extremely flash, and she loves it, but it seems to catch a bit _too_ much attention in Aether.
~ As a reward for helping her with the attire, Chantria offers to take Willow on a tour of the Arcane Sanctum.
~ See What Happens

~ Saren talks with Ravengale about how the royal family cannot afford to be chaste as it is now. He is already looking for a future bride for himself but Chantria is being a brat. He asks his friend to try and persuade her otherwise.
~ Ravengale attempts to get Chantria to do her duty but she promises him that unless Saren gets off his ass and asks her himself, she feels no obligation to do anything she doesn’t want to.
~ Saren talks with Ravengale after and laments that Chantria has always been a difficult woman. He really can’t seem to handle her.

~ Bond: Arcadian (comes in drunk talking to his wife, makes Arcadian curious if ghosts can be measured – invention of ghost hunting supplies!), Danielle (try to get files from his wife’s case from her), Leorajh (stalk him but get caught)

~ An inventors fair is held where everyone can show off one project – the winner will be given royal coin to back its production
~ He tries to build a “radio” but it keeps picking up strange things (ghosts)
~ Percy learns about Ann and asks why he doesn’t just showcase HER at the event
~ The actual fair takes place but before Chester puts on his display he hears Fran through the radio and freaks out, destroying it

~ A situation has occurred in Phandaria where a volcano has caused tremors that destroyed the energy generator. (Said a bandit impersonating a peasant.) He has been tasked with fixing it! He has to take Percy with him and deal with him during the trip.
~ Arriving he has found that the generator was sabbatoged and the whole city is being held hostage. Their target was an inventor. They take Chester and Percy captive to have them make them ‘cool shiny weapons’.
~ Chester and Percy can try break outs that end poorly.Bond with Percy during this time.
~ Sarius begins to get worried about Chester after it seemed like too much time has gone by. He sends a letter and receives one back about how it’s taking longer than expected but Chester has been wonderful and everything is hunky. Sarius now KNOWS shit be balls and takes Taren with him to deal with whatever Chester is doing.
~ Bandits be fucked by two Dahhak-Aetherian legionnaires and all be like ‘yay’ but the town is still ‘boo’ cus it needs its energy fixed so Chester is like ‘fuck’ and stays to fix it. 

~ Bond: Arcadian (Catch up, Miss the old days), Kyshtari (talk about her trying to woo Saren to increase relations with the Arcane Sanctum), Leorajh (about multitasking risks with leadership)

(After the Arcane Sanctum is revealed)
~ Chestin holds a Duchy Council (Blackwater, Quentyn, Cera, Sable & Taisie) to introduce them to the whole issue at hand. He stresses that they need to gain strength from these new “allies” by any means necessary.
~ Chestin talks to the Council of AEGIS (Askela, Priya, Reiko, Carth & Tayanna) and its Head Master (Sadarius) about sending up graduates to “study” at the Arcane Sanctum to learn their powerful magics.
~ Chestin talks to JJ and Kathleen about sending some people up to learn holy magic from them.
~ Finally, Chestin talks with the Consortium Members (Chester, Detridon, Arcadian, Percy) about sending people to study their technology.

~ Akuchi approaches Chestin about becoming a Paladin himself – since he wants to be stronger. Chestin’s only concern is that it would make his nation look like a subordinate to Arcane Sanctum.
~ Chestin ultimately decides to take the risk, he meets with Ravengale to see if he can even learn this new path in life.
~ See What Happens

~ Aetherian boats are attacked by a Phairan vessel, the Sunseeker. The crew is detained and Chestin goes out to meet with them personally, taking Edward and Karidee along for the ride.
~ Upon arrival the captain of the vessel, Dalir Assad, explains that he was attacking their ships because their ships have been attacking them! They speak of an Aetherian vessel targeting Phairan boats on the open seas. As Chestin can freely command the AS Ambassador, he offers to do so and bring the captian (along with some guards of course) along as a show of good faith for the mission.
~ Edward tries to talk Chestin out of this because he’s the King and has no heirs. Chestin refuses to be a chair-shackled ruler.
~ They locate the ship in question, it’s a military vessel called the Sword of the Righteous, and is commanded by a knight named Shamus – someone that Karidee used to work with. The last she had heard of him, he had lost his wife and infant child in the Aetherian-Phairan war. Dalir uses that to suggest this man is insane and trying to slaughter his people, he demands they blow the ship out of the water. Karidee, however, is adamant they learn Shamus’ reasons because he is a really nice guy. Genocide is not like him. Edward backs her faith in Shamus. Chestin opts to flag the ship down and hold talks with all parties at the table.
~ The discussion goes poorly. Shamus swears this isn’t personal, instead he says the Phairan armies are building up their weapons and fortifying borders by sea. He fears that all their political refusal to help Aether was to burden the nation so heavily that it would be ripe for pillaging. Phaira has never seen Aether as an equal, after all. Of course, Dalir swears no such plans are in effect. Edward, Karidee and Chestin try to mediate. In the end, Chestin demands that Shamus and his men return to Aether and hand over their ship for a full investigation of their claims. Meanwhile, Dalir will be sent him to his people along with a notice of their assault on ships so that their rulers can deal with them.
~ As both ships set sail, Dalir returns home but the Sword of the Righteous turns around and chases it! Chestin, Karidee and Edward are forced to try and save the ship even if it means shooting down one of their own. See What Happens.

~ Kyshtari sits down with Vyrin and Emoeyn to discuss setting a “date” – which Chloe over hears. They decide to hold the wedding in the spring, Virgo 13th.
~ Broken hearted over the news, Chloe gets mistaken for her double while on the streets. The man passes her some drugs to “hide” from the authorities while he makes a run for it. She is supposed to take the goods back to “the boss” but since she has no idea who that is she takes it home. That night, in a fit of despair, she tries them and finds they bring her a moment of “happiness”.
~ As the drugs run low, Chloe looks for a new fix and comes up with a plan. Vyrin, being a student of medicine, has access to ordering various narcotic herbs. Using his name she begins to order herself drugs.
~ The dealer from before finds her, demanding where his goods have gone, and she has to admit she used them. While he’s angry, when he learns she’s addicted and looking for more he agrees to work with her until she pays back the debt – then he might even hook her up with “better stuff”.
~ Marek isn’t blind to how Chloe is behaving and points it out to Vyrin, but Vyrin shrugs it off as Chloe being happy for him because he doesn’t want to think he’s pushed her this far.
~ Edward notices Chloe with a drug dealer and busts her in the act. She gives him her story about herbs for Vyrin but he’s not really sold on it. He lets her go but decides to investigate Vyrin personally.
~ Edward comes to Vyrin while he is with Kyshtari and learns that Vyrin would never authorize these kinds of herbs – he’s still training technically! When Vyrin realizes what this means he wants to go to Chloe but Kyshtari warns him that at this rate he will have to pick. Neither her, nor Chloe it seems, want to be second best.
~ That night Edward brings knights to search the premises and claim all of Chloe’s drugs. Local shops are going to be given her description so they do not sell to her. Naturally she is upset with him. Vyrin watches this in sadness and confronts her after the knights have gone.
~ Chloe locks herself in her room, seemingly to avoid Vyrin, but when he finally gets inside he finds her in the first stages of withdrawal and completely irrational. He has to restrain her and get help to keep her locked down for her own safety – he can only think of one person who loves her as much as he does: Jasper.
~ Vyrin asks Jasper to come help his sister and explains the situation.
~ Jasper comes to take care of Chloe, completely stunned that its come to this. A part of him wonders if she’d have been this bad off if she just married Edward or Xiphil as a child.
~ Jasper is called away for only a moment but when he returns he finds Chloe about to kill herself! He manages to talk her down and even promises to get Edward and Xiphil to come see her.
~ Jasper jumps down Vyrin’s throat for putting his sister on the brink like this. He demands the doctor find Xiphil and Edward and get them to visit Chloe.
~ Edward comes to see Chloe (Jasper is present but only as a watcher).
~ Vyrin has some trouble pinning down Xiphil given he’s helping out all over the place and his people are in chaos. The shaman says he will come but he cannot promise he’d be of help to her situation – even now he won’t sugar coat things for her.
~ When Vyrin gets back he finds Kyshtari waiting for him. He’s been all over this thing with Chloe, and its great he’s so sweet, but when will he pick? He has two futures, one is nursing to health the shattered pieces of a peasant and the other is elevating his entire family to royalty by marrying a beautiful and smart Promathea. See What Happens.
~ Xiphil comes to see Chloe. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Taisie (report to him about Eon’s fall), Taren (see if he can handle him yet)

~ He calls a meeting of the displaced world leaders (Renee’, River, Magnus, Yunta, Khana & Lemures) to discuss finding a way to preserve their own power within Aether. They are becoming nothing but novelty items unless they do something about it.
~ Talk to JJ and/or Chestin about the results.
~ See What Happens.

~ With the fall of Eon, Clive discusses with JJ what went wrong and what can be done about it. Clive is furious at the death toll on his people when they did nothing wrong.
~ Clive talks with Wilson about it as well. Wilson suggests that if someone had taken away his family then he would stop at nothing to ruin them.
~ Clive is sorely tempted to send Wilson as an assassin to end Baron Heartsford. As he contemplates this he is approached by Alessa. She knows there aren’t many doctors willing to work with the dahhak, and while she is an animal doctor some medicine is really without species boundaries. She offers to help. Seeing her compassion, Clive decides to take the high ground.
~ See What Happens.

~ Run into Jason, learn he’s with Gen, be happy he’s moved on from Ivy.He tells her about how Jarius took Patrick away from Ivy by force. (Gen referenced instead of present.)
~ Clover offers support/condolences to Ivy. Learns Ivy has been down enough she’s contemplated suicide even and Clover realizes many women face this issue.
~ Clover talks with Jason about creating a crisis center of some kind of suicidal people so they can find support/help. Jason loves the idea but needs therapists or volunteers and lacks the staff for it. If she can find people to recruit, he’ll start it up.
~ Clover recruits various therapists/volunteers: Trisha, “Carol”, Bianca, Tabitha

~ Bond: Tabitha & Ashlyn (after William takes their shop), Essence (talk to her about how Tabitha feels “similar”), I’Frit (about if he can have kids or not), Emeline (see if she is willing to protect her “family” here)

~ Nicholas tries to talk to Kris about the “weaknesses” of the Shattered Realm and how they get their fire powers. However, he’s also teetering on just asking to join given the situation in the mafia.
~ Odette learns from Finn that Hope’s would-be-suit, William, is a cultist. She talks about this with Essence and/or Emeline. When Cross overhears it though, he chimes in that William is also the douche bag that took Tabitha’s shop.
~ Cross pays William a visit and demands some answers.
~ William demands Xanthus and the mafia do something about the Shattered Realm before he gets killed over this. Asoth steps into their chat, annoyed that this is the second time the Fire God has poked his nose into his domain.
~ When the Shattered Realm and the Xanthus Mafia go head to head, the battle is dangerous to everything around them. (Put some civilians in the middle trying to get through who are injured – maybe Camellia, Calliope or Larisa?). The Legion show up to break up the battle and try to arrest who they can.
~ See What Happens.

~ People start leaving “offerings” at the tavern to appease Cross. Nayeli and Xalia notice that its mostly Nazcans who have lost their home and want their God to “forgive them” so they can stop suffering.
~ Nayeli tells I’Frit about this.
~ I’Frit tells Cross, who finds the whole concepts ridiculous.
~ A man shows up with his three daughters. He offers all of them up to Cross if he will forgive their people and allow them to return home. Cross tells them to stop looking to Gods to solve their damned issues and start solving them themselves!

~ Danielle attempts to convince Edward that she should be authorized to run a real investigation into the Cult of Asoth – the hard thing is that they aren’t easy to pin down. He suggests, if she wants to try such an improbable task she should talk to the Legion about making it a joint effort to maximize resources and hopefully get real results.
~ Danielle talks with Jean about arranging a joint effort to bring down the Cult of Asoth. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Marlene (Attempt to mend things with her.)

~ Work on inventing Sap gloves with an inventor (Percy?)

~ Dante works on Nitrous Oxide as a way to shut up whiny patients.  However, his first few trials do not go according to plan…
~ Testing one of the inhaler bags ends up gasing him instead. He passes out and someone (Jason, Cloe or Marlene?) find him and wake him up. He is in a hilarious and giggly state, completely not like himself.
~ Frustrated with the setbacks, Dante can rant to any friend who will listen.
~ Nearly kill himself testing but finally have a decent break through.
~ Starts looking for test subject volunteers.
~ Eventually discover the limitations of his invention and how it can only really be useful for surgeries.
~ Uses the inhalant before his birthday, since he’s depressed, and someone (Jason or Marlene?) notices. He doesn’t get a pass from them just because it’s his birthday either.
~ Sells the final product as a recreational drug through William but the corrupt man starts providing it to criminals and takng credit.
~ Jason offers to let his uncle sell it to the Clinic with full credit, since it will save lives.

~ Dante’s parents announce his engagement to Cloe. His parents, bedazzled by her rank and the prospect of grandchildren, won’t let him worm out of it either!
~ IF he’s into Marlene again by this point, let that be a drama focus too.
~ Have a freak out with Cloe, who kind of saw it coming. She pulls the “it’s my duty” card and has no issues with the arrangement. He ultimately agrees to a long betrothal so they can at least get to know each other better.
~ Bond with Cloe over time.
~ Find out Cloe is linked to the mafia and try to convince her to get out of it. See What Happens.

~ After the time steam issues are resolved by the Dawnbringers, a private investigation is held into Time Keepers – especially since Torus vanished from his cell.
~ While looking into just who Torus is, they run into a young lady who swears she knows something but will only tell them in a private place. She names an old hotel.
~ When they get there she isn’t there but the location rolls back in time. They find themselves in the days of the warlock hunts. Issue is, Dante’s mouth and brains get him arrested as a warlock! Which is ironic, since Vyrin is the mage.
~ Vyrin runs into the girl finally, who offers to help him free Dante but gets in close with him. Then he wakes up to find himself cursed with a puppet magic that makes him her tool. She assures him that no one can cross the Time Keepers.
~ While that’s going on, Dante deals with people trying to “Test” him for magic. He notices the bishop in charge of these hunts is none other than Torus!
~ After, the girl helps them get out and Vyrin can’t say anything about his binding. She gets them back to their own time.
~ The girl appears to Vyrin afterwards and tells him that if Dante keeps pushing the matter she will make Vyrin KILL him personally.
~ Vyrin tries to talk Dante out of the investigation now. See What Happens.

~ Danx finally gets a solid lead on Xanthus with connection to an old street drug – Crimson. When he tries to corner the slippery mafia lord on it, he only learns that the drug was cleaned up by some “good Samaritans” and that Danx is barking up a very old tree.
~ Danx is called into speak to City Commander Edward Blackthorne. He tells Danx he is off the case, his biases are blinding him to how pointless the issue is. If he continues to privately look into the matter or harass Xanthus then he will be expelled from the knighthood.
~ Danx realizes some noble somewhere must have poisoned the City Comander against his work – Xanthus has fingers all over the city. He knows he can’t make a move himself but others can. He explains the issue to Danielle and hopes that, after bailing her out TWICE, she can help him.
~ After staking out the Velvet Secret for several nights, they finally see a noble go in and get dressed up to chat with Xanthus at his table. Danielle is posing as a server at the time and overhears them talking about matters. However, as she goes back to Danx she admit there is a problem. They have the evidence now, and that’s great, but to use it would mean revealing everything. Everyone knows their friends, for one thing, so even if she pretended this was a random chance thing she overheard no one would believe it. Danx must choose between the work he loves and catching the criminal he hates. See What Happens.

~ The Dawnbringer fights against, not just one, but two undead dragons. The Dawnbringer is brought down by Serpa and Metael. It is scattered all over Nazca’s ruins and jungle. This should be short, allow them to fight a little then fail.
~ As the fight happens rather suddenly. Metael claws its way into the leadership room and attacks them with a huge swipe. Scathe grabs their leader (Leo) and saves him via shadows. However, the others (Vindassi, Oseron, Takeshi, Mitsuko & Chester) are actually caught in the clawed hand of the dragon and taken away.
~ Chisu, Senchiro and Toru realize that they are alive, among the many dead – including Mitsuko. Toru has a complete break down and Chisu and Senchiro have to get him to see reason. They come together and decide what to do next. Options: Find others |or| find their way home to try and get help. NOTE: any River’s Return stones should have been linked to the Dawnbringer which is now destroyed. They will not work.
~ Yuki, Akiha, Eriko and Raiu find each other quickly. Yuki must revive Akiha who took mortal wounds. Yuki can save her life and get her on her feet but she cannot heal her to full. Thankfully Akiha is a caster. They have to decide what to do now. Options: Find others |or| find their way home to try and get help. NOTE: any River’s Return stones should have been linked to the Dawnbringer which is now destroyed. They will not work.
~ Scathe takes a wounded Leorajh back to the capitol to report what has happened to the King. He already sent his people to scout and find survivors or at least more information. Leorajh is tended to and determined to go to Nazca and find the other leaders.
~ Raiu, Yuki, Eriko, Senchiro, Toru and Akiha meet back up in Shade’s Run. They break the news to Raiu that Mitsuko didn’t make it out. Naturally he is destroyed but determined to rescue whomever they can.
~ Xalia and Nayeli take a pocket healer (Dante) to go and look for survivors. While roaming the wilds of Nazca they find animals strangely monstrous and bloodthirsty. They find Chester alive and needing tending too. Chester informs them of what happened after the leaders were grabbed. Chester tells them that the dragon transformed into a hulking man like creature. The other leaders were put into cages and carried away by minions with wings, under Serpa’s command. They all went north but in slightly different directions. They were alive, the dragons were taking survivors.
~ Kime and Ymira have been tasked with gathering up items from Vindassi’s belongings in case they have to hold a funeral for him. They find Leorajh in his office. When they question him he shows them a letter from a Shadow Hunter that has some idea where Vindassi is being held. He intends to go to him once he finds a suitable sword and shield to bring him. The three (if the players want to) can insist on coming.
~ In the freezing snow, Raiu, Toru, Chisu and Akiha find Saiya among bodies of the Dawnbringer’. He is alive but needs immediate attention. They have to turn back or risk losing Saiya. They use a custom teleportation stone.
~  Yuki, Eriko and Senchiro find Xiphil held in a large encampment of the enemy creatures. Many around him have been transformed or are laying dead as half-formed monstrosities. Mitsuko is bound, and a ritual to transform him is about to happen. They attempt to save him only to be caught in the ritual and changed. Because all of them are captured at the same time, the ritual is not as powerful and they retain their minds – for the most part. They manage to save Mitsuko and the group teleports out (custom teleportation stone). Start them off seeing someone transformed and in the ritual, dying from it.
~ The changed gumi members have to adapt to their altered states.
~ Senchiro attempts to perfect his bushido with the use of only one eye thanks to the rituals effect on him. Eriko sees his frustrations and tries to help him.
~ Yuki talks to Chisu about if she’s still “pretty” to him given how she looks now.
~ Leorajh, Ymira & Kime fight through monsters until they find Vindassi. He is being guarded by a huge metal-armored half-dragon creature. Leorajh leave them to fight it so he can free Vindassi and give him weapons to fight with. They win, they leave for home. Vindassi tells Leorajh, (being released or at the end of the fight) that he heard the ‘beasts’ talking about the Master taking a Host. It was vague. They use a custom teleportation stone to get home.
~ Xiphil gets a visit from Leila and Jasper when they hear about August’s death.
~ Xanthus’ operations with Wysteria are ambushed by some of Meteal’s brood. When he, and his people, identify that these once were Wysterian people it gets his interest.
~  Xanthus brings his evidence to Jean, who is his best “in” with the authorities.
~ Jean orders Kibo to gather all the data on attacks by Meteal’s creatures on non-Wysterian territories. They come up with a map that shows the range of the disease and how it is spreading.
~ Jean brings his findings to Chestin and is put into contact with Leorajh as a result. Upon learning all of the details, Jean offers to assist Leorajh in creating a recruitment campaign to actually get enough people to take this dragon down.
~  The Consortium gives Leorajh a new HQ for the fight in Wysteria. They named it The New Dawn. It is equipped with more fire power, shields of magic and physical, as well as a handy little ‘shadow drive’. This drive will put them in a nexus space that will allow them to travel close to the realm of the Umbral Halls but only partially in the realm of the light world. This allows them to ‘cloak’ and be unseen or hit by the Dragons. Of course they can’t attack either, but at least they won’t be pulled apart immediately!
~ After putting together the pieces of where Oseron would be held (where Metael is) the Dawnbringers assault the Iron Core.
~ Leorajh leaves recklessly on his own, taking a glider and making his way down to the surface where he can see cages. He goes to look for Oseron. He finds Oseron but he has been possessed by Matael, who wants to have a new body. Oseron manages to tell Leorajh what has happened and order Leo to kill him for the betterment of the world. Leo eventually kills him and breaks down right afterward. Vindassi goes after him.
~ They fight Serpa and mortally wound it. The creature does one final attack before it escapes, moving as fast as the wind can.
~ The characters retrieve Leorajh and Vindassi with Oseron’s body.
~ A funeral is held for Oseron. The Dawnbringers, the Consortium, the Shadow Hunters, the King and the Lord Spiritual are all in attendance. People can pass along their condolences.
~ Theos appears to the Monster Hunters (Leila, Jasper & Palden) and asks them if they are interested in a quest. The quest is to engage the Metael or Serpa minion monsters, kill them and put their essence in a crystal he gives them. He will pay them, of course. He assures them that when the crystal is charged he will know and appear again.
~ The Monster Hunters finish killing a handful of the dragon-infected creatures. Theos appears when the crystal starts to waft with Slada’Sha blue-purple-black-white energy. He analyzes it. He admits to them that this is bad. Very bad. He has to take this back to his home and confer with his people.
~ Theos asks Chestin to gather his champions for a meeting with him.
~ Chestin gathers his champions: The 5 Paladins, Leorajh and Oseron. Theos explains the dragons are being resurrected using the Slada’Sha’s energy – world ending energy. The energy comes from an ancient god like creature that very little is known about. He thinks he can get more answers with the help of Chestin’s strongest people. He wants them to go through a location reached through the nexus that holds a key to something called the Akashic Library. There they can find more information on the ancient god and the Slada’Sha power.
~ The group moves through a portal in the nexus that leads to a pitch black underground location. Upon lighting it up they realize they are in ancient Araneae tunnels. It looked to be a version of the Sacred Web, but one so much older that the spider’s webbing contains ancient magic. Theos explains that the first Araneae were very much so magi but time changed them, as it does everyone. They group fight monsters, find the key to the Akashic Library and Theos takes it (unless one of them gets snippy – then he argues a little and inevitably steals it). He teleports them home but does not arrive with them.
~ A runner has teleported in, from Kelvin of Sheedan, to warn the King that a huge shadow-wraith-dragon is attacking and quickly moving towards Shade’s Run. Chestin, Oseron and Leorajh decide to take action. According to the runner, the dragons raising the dead and decimating life in its path as it goes… it will probably arrive within the night! Do they call Theos? Who do they mobilize? Do they evacuate the area?
~ Arcturus visit’s Eshana. The two take a walk, none the wiser of the oncoming battle (well she isn’t). They visit the site that the grid system for the magic barrier connects inside of the castle grounds. He attacks it and destroys it. The dragon immediately attacks, causing death and madness.
~ Krul arrives and attacks the city. With the magic barrier down it can cast its foul spells onto the populace, causing madness and death, from death, minions on the inside.
~ While fighting against Krul, Lucious is killed, as is most of the Light Company.
~ The Temple, being in the sky, is hit by the dragon’s attacks. Xiphil is killed while him and JJ attempt to run. JJ tries to resurrect him like he did once before but Draconis drags him away, knowing there is more destiny to be had here.
~ The Champion’s League fight Krul from outside the barrier. During the fight, the group is attacked from behind. Arcturus took a potshot at them from behind their lines. The evil mage vanishes before they can get vengeance on him. Vanshee and Gaelnaris are spared from the attack by their weapons, which can deflect the Slada’Sha’s power. Adrian and Aros aren’t so lucky (but aren’t dead yet).
~ The Arcane Sanctum, a ship from another world, appears. Flanked between it and the New Dawn, Krul is run off.
~ Chantria assists people in healing and some early resurrections (any ‘released spirits’ are going to be too far gone). She introduces them to the Holy power of the Heavenly Host as her people have studied it. Zanzas is there to be her body guard and fight off the remaining monsters.
~ Ravengale arrives to assist in healing the mortally wounded in their area. He revives Aros and Adrian. He learns that Adrian is a mage and looks oddly like Varden Violet Eye, one of their former council members.
~ Theos comes to introduce his help to Aether. He informs them that the city-ship is called Arcane Sanctum and it is an ancient, all be it exiled, mage-hub from the ancient past. He regrets to inform them that the blast they saw was a onetime use artifact that they had kept for just an emergency. Where the Arcane Sanctum could still pelt little holy and arcane spells at the enemy, in reality it was just the mages and clergy aboard doing those attacks and the ship itself has only a barrier for defense with no offense at all. He offers his people to give training and to champions of Aether.
~ A group funeral is held for the fallen heroes of the attack – including Lucious & Xiphil.
~ Chantria takes JJ to visit the clergy halls and take his mind off of losing his dear friend. She senses the connection he has to the Heavenly Host and believes that with some rites and teaching he could become a powerful priest of sorts. He agrees to the training and offers to teach her how to channel as he’s learned.
~ Vindassi visits Ravengale (at Theos or Chestin’s request if need be) to learn about how to augment his combat with healing and protection.
~ Zanzas takes Kaidan and Maelstrom through the Halls of Mist. The two have potential to learn the mist magics to augment their already powerful necromancy and bring that forward in combat.
~ Theos introduces any interested mages to the studies within the tower.
~ Kariel follows her intuition and finds Eshana. She talks to her about entropy magic and how it can transform ‘demon’ magic. She offers to teach Eshana a little if she is interested. If she wants more than a spell or two, she tells her to find her in the Arcane Sanctum’s Walk of Chaos.
~ Akuchi suggests that Chestin consider taking up some Paladin training. It seems to be exactly what he was looking for all along: power with healing and protecting. He warns him that it will not save everyone, but that maybe, just maybe, it would give him an edge to feel like he has done something when he -does- save someone.
~ Adrian gets Theos’ ‘number’ from Ravengale and goes to talk to him about Varden Violeteye. Varden was Theos’ master. Theos tells him that his father wanted him to find him as soon as possible. He stated that at ‘this age’ Adrian probably has realized something isn’t right and he isn’t aging. He wanted to apologize for what he did… but the thing is, that’s all Theos knows! Varden vanished recently, saying something about protecting the last few dragons not tainted. Adrian knows about Savarius, and that he has ‘left’ for the Cradle of Creation.

~ Bond: Fenrir (what did Mouko do and why?)

~ Encounter Lucious & Co while out and decide to camp together for a night
~ While together they all get drunk, tell stories and have fun
~ Later, Eidolon talks with Lucious about how he could have had a son too

~ On hold until we’ve finished the post to see where he will go (which is his first thread of the TJ).

~ Bond: JJ (JJ warns Elliot that lies cause the people you love to feel betrayed later), Taisie (about if she will be looking for a husband now too, since she’s a duchess), Liam (you can’t have everything, you need to pick people or you will hurt people), Willow (as Aurora, talk fashion and maybe make a new friend)

~ Elliot goes to a party in his “Aurora” guise and is picked up on by Nicholas, who is bored at the same event. The incident is alluring to Elliot but he knows he can’t indulge it much since he’s not truly a lady and thus plays hard to get.
~ Elliot runs into Nicholas again as Aurora and this time it’s in a more private setting. Nicholas comes onto him hard and he has to dodge to bullet as hard as he can.
~ Elliot talks to Liam about the incidents and how much he likes Nicholas. However, Liam warns him to go nowhere near it because Nicholas would be revolted if he knew the TRUTH about Elliot being a cross dressing guy. Worse? He might tell the world about it and it would ruin Elliot’s family.

~ Elliot and Cera volunteer to help refugees who are still waiting for new homes. They see many of the families had to leave everything behind, including clothing and basic amenities.
~ Elliot, as Aurora, asks for a meeting of the various fashion designers (Barbara, Willow, Liam, etc) and tries to arrange that they each make one basic “outfit” a week that they can then donate to refugees.
~ See What Happens.

~ Senchiro obtains a new weapon to use in battle when he kills its evil owner.
~ Eriko is sparring with Senchiro. During the sparring match, Eriko starts to lose herself by becoming more and more aggressive. Senchiro calls the fight, worried about her, but she doesn’t know what was happening.
~ Eriko has nightmares about the life/death of the spirit possessing her. Yuki wakes her up (having been near by), concerned, but she is still confused.
~ Eriko and Yuki watch Senchiro instructing the soldiers and Eriko starts getting very negative about Senchiro. When Yuki calls her on it though, Eriko has no memory of what she’s said. This causes Yuki to become concerned as she can feel a spiritual “something” but isn’t sure what.
~ One night, Eriko sneaks into Senchiro’s room and steals his weapon. However she is caught trying to do so. As a result, she tries fighting him with it. She isn’t as good with it as he is, and he manages to subdue her, demanding what is going on. She doesn’t have a clue, and seems to not even know why she is in Senchiro’s room in the first place.
~ At the time Yuki had already brought her concerns to Saiya.
~  When Senchiro hauls Eriko in to see the spiritualists, they have a guess as to what is happening already. Eriko has been possessed by a ghost. A ghost of one of Mouko’s agents that were killed by Senchiro for the weapon, and they looking for revenge before they cross over.

~ Bond: Mira (prod at the girl and generally start a kind of rivalry), Kariel (eventually seek out voidmancy under her), Demetri (why not Medea?), Jean (check up on her progress), Amon (either as further guard duty or teasing him for quitting)

~ Eshana asks Monnique along on a little adventure to gather supplies for a ritual (see below).
~ The first requires them to harvest fire beetles.
~ The second requires them to bind and Ignis Shade but there are multiple of them.
~ The last requires a cursed object – and hearing there is a witch the Monster Hunters so she goes on her own to negotiate that part.
~ During this, Monnique mentions it to Belladonna and learns Eshana is her sister (can have a cultist on hand so this isn’t just Christine talking to herself, maybe NPC Fandral?)
~ See What Happens.

(After Balor Plot)
~ Finishes her ritual of transference but now she needs to lure Balor out, she talks with Medea about it but leaves out the risk to herself.
~ Get Kariel’s (and any other voidmancers if they are in play by then) help to summon a demon and bind it. She then forces it to give Balor a message. She has evidence that they are not siblings and plans to show it to him – knowing how much that upsets him.
~ They meet up and Eshana uses her spell to transfer the curses and contracts from Balor onto her. This turns her into a villain character who then vanishes with Melchior – leaving a bewildered Balor behind.
~ Balor demands help from Medea to set this right. He knows Demetri supposedly cared for her, and Belladonna to. He pools all the people in Eshana’s life that he has used to hurt her and asks them to help him save her.
~ Talk to Mel about some stuff for in-between.
~ In the end, Balor can think of no way to save her other than to set things back to the way they were and destroy the ritual.

~ Bond: Jarius (bond with him about complicated love lives and high expectations from parents), Phaedria (be unsure about openly staying friends)

~ Notices (with Monnique) an influx of girls with butterfly art on them who end up mysterious dead a few days later
~ While Taisie is helping out with something an artist shows up to see Felisha who seems fascinated with her “tragedy” and wants her to be a painting subject
~ Felisha talks with Cera about how the man wants to paint her as a “butterfly” and she thinks she may have found the killer. Cera immediately tells her to go to the knights if she has such thoughts but Felisha thinks she’d need more evidence
~ Cera tells Taisie, and given what Felisha did last time Taisie is worried Felisha will use herself as bait and get herself killed instead!
~ See What Happens

~ A cultist zeroes in on Hope, since she is a Sister of End Times, and since he’s a nobleman he pretends to woo her.
~ Finn doesn’t trust this and talks to Odette about who this guy is. She doesn’t know much about him.
~ Finn investigates and finds a Cult of Asoth symbol in the man’s things. He brings it to Hope but she demands to talk to the man and learn his side of the story.
~ Hope talks to him and he swings it as something he merely inherited from a dead relative and didn’t even know was there.
~ Hope condemns Finn for his accusations.
~ Finn talks to Odette about it. He wants to take the man out then it might send Hope over the deep end. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Karidee (learn new spell with her at library – divine protection), Nicholas (find him in a street fight and she compliments his skill)

~ Forint’s delvings in the library give her the idea of trying to research curses and corruption to try and protect her family. Trisha sees some of the books that she’s reading and asks what’s going on.
~Not wants to reveal other people’s secrets, Forint explains slightly evasively that she wants to be capable of battling demons and their corrupting influences but is finding the subject matter difficult. Trisha offers to help her friend, revealing that she has some familiarity with the topic.
~A request for help comes into the temple from a distant village that livestock had been disappearing presumed stolen, but later found dismembered in a disturbing, possibly ritualistic fashion, one of them in the graveyard. Forint and Trisha go to investigate.
~On arriving at the village, the pair discover that a farmer been seen acting ‘very strangely’, speaking with a different voice before he disappeared. Forint and Trisha, with a local guardsman guiding them, go to the farm to see if there is any connection. The farmer’s family are nowhere to be seen. They discover that the farmer has inherited a nearby tract of forest, backing on to the old mine.
~The group head off to the forest where they find and confront the farmer who is indeed in the influence of something unholy. See how things turn out.

~ Bond: Aros (notice Gaelnaris picking up a discarded stuffed animal and tease him about it – he swears it’d be a good present for Matius is all!), Vanshee (help him train up with his daggers), Orianna (about Karlee’s loss)

~ Gaelnaris and a team (either CL or if they work with the AS) are sent to investigate a town that has gone crazy. Upon arrival, they find the residents are unable to sleep and its causing them to hallucinate. They can’t figure out why.
~ After a few days, the group still can’t sleep and the only thing they can tell is there is a psionic wave that is destroying their ability to sleep.
~ During this time everyone keeps having one common hallucination, a wraith-like figure that keeps watching whatever ordeals they go through.
~ Eventually someone tries to talk with it and it reveals itself to be Emmalise. She died and is horrified by the result. “Fate” is forcing her to be reborn but she doesn’t want to forget who she is so she’s trying to possess people. She’s just too weak.
~ See What Happens.

~ Melchior calls in an old deal/debt with Matius and wants him to disable/kill Aros since he makes things “no fun”
~ Gaelnaris notices, just in the nick of time, and saves Aros. Since the job isn’t done, Melchior shows up and grabs Matius, vanishing with him
~ The CL accuse Matius having always been a traitor and warlock but Gaelnaris won’t buy it (and most people assume he’s just been duped into that since he’s married to the guy) See What Happens

~ Try to find her scattered curses, specifically:
~ The Wasting Curse (Person wastes away no matter how much they eat.)
~ The Curse of Eternal Night (Person is struck blind.)
~ The Curse of Paralysis (Can’t use legs.)
~ The Venom Curse (Wounds from the weapon cannot be healed.)
~ The Curse of Death (Makes a person ill, eventually causes death.)

~ Bond: Clover ( at a ball that she is forced to be at. She learns that she is interested in books and adventure stories they bond over literature)

~ Edan notices that someone has been stalking him and his home is robbed missing important documents that connect him to Xanthus.
~ Both Helen and Chester can notice that the Duke is refusing knights help and peaks both of their curiosity. Len and Chester run into each other as they investigate the foreign dealers against Xathus. With Len’s Keen sight and analyzing skills she realizes what group is after Edan. The two decide to work together to solve the case.
~ The two go down to the docks to gain evidence against the  group as a crime syndicate. Figuring if they can gain get this then they can turn in the group without putting Edan’s name in it.
~ Len alerts Virgil of the group and goes with him to arrest the group. After Virgil comes down on Len for putting himself at risk.
~ Realizing how much she missed this she confronts Chester on solving other crimes together as private investigators.
~ Amon notices that Helen is looking for a nanny for Lucy. Afraid that if he found out why he be upset. Knowing he would figure it out she tells him that she wants to work as Len again to solve crimes.

~ Bond: Jasper (about helping him to find a good Aetherian wife), Kelase’ & Tsubasa (is it more fun to be a hero taking down a villain or a villain being chased by a hero?), Mouko (confide in him that, despite his personality, he’s worried about Christopher and Iradessa)

~ Janos takes some time to get to know Theos, interested in the new faction. While there, a voidmancer comes in and is clearly upset. They have lost their beloved pet bunny, Bon-Bon, is missing. This wouldn’t be an issue except that he was recently affected by void energies that have warped him and made him aggressive. The man wants his pet back to fix it – meaning he needs someone to rescue it before someone else takes it out.
~ Janos works with Theos and one other (whoever is free and needs the plot) to try and recaptured the tiny, high nimble and now vicious beast.
~ When they return the bunny, however, the voidmancer has taken an interest in Janos and imprisons him using a demonic prison ritual – which works thanks to his corruption. While Theos, whomever and Janos’ lovers are able to get him free it certainly raises a few questions.

~ Janos, Kelase’ and Tsubasa finish a hunt but fail to save a local woman from being the creatures victim. They notice that she was protecting something, sure enough it’s a babe. Roll luck to see who it likes, the highest roll wins unless there is a botch – in which case it likes that person so much it will scream if not held by them.
~ Janos tries to find any next of kin for the babe but there was little to tell him who the mother was on her person.
~ They decide the best thing to do is to take it to mages (either at AEGIS or the AS). However, the mages scry and learn the babe’s father is a warlock and more likely to kill the child. So do they give it up to an orphanage? See What Happens.

~ Bond: Odin (old times, rekindle friendship), Jason (old times, rekindle friendship)

~ Jarius learns that William has an interest in Ivy and he gets extremely jealous.
~ Jarius attempts to beat William at his own game – poker. However he loses and ends up owing the mafia money!
~ Jarius hides his struggles to pay back the massive debt in incurred from Ivy.
~ Nicholas or Noru are sent to ring the cash out of Jarius while Grace is present.
~ Ultimately leads to Ivy being attacked as a threat against his not paying (the rest of the family will be next). Jarius is furious and goes after William for it, but William assures him he’d never have targeted her – if anything he’d have targeted Jarius directly!

~ Organize a vacation with Jason and Odin so they can get back into the swing of things as the trouble making trio they once were.

~ Bond: Odin (you sure about a GUY?), Taisie & Gen (needing a specimen for the next phase of research)

~ Palden learns about a “possessed” kid that would be ideal for Jason’s research when it comes in as a request for the Monster Hunters. He tries to swipe it but Jasper comes in and demands to know what he’s doing. Palden can either come clean or lie to them to see if he can get the job for just him and Trisha to do.
~ IF he lies, Jasper is still suspicious and tells the women (Leila, Hadley and Rissa) about it. They opt to tail him.
~ IF he comes clean, Jasper suggests the whole team take it up since its still a request for THEM in the end.
~ Trisha works with Palden (and potentially the team) to see if the kid in question is corrupted or not. They learn he is but, worse, the corrupting spirit passes via touch! This kid wasn’t the first infected, just the most recent, and if they don’t do something to cleanse the spirit it could become an epidemic.
~ See What Happens.

~ Jason is pushed by a nobleman to prescribe his wife meds for being “Depressed”. He’s dubious about this though and asks Ivy to talk to the woman first.
~ Ivy talks to the woman and learns she’s just depressed because he husband has no time for her, no love for her, etc.
~ Jason talks to Ivy and Gen about it. Ivy suggests sending the woman to therapy but Gen worries it will give the impression she’s crazy. The issue is, what’s better? Crazy or sick?
~ See What Happens.

~ Bond: Xiphil (Reconnect), Chestin (Discuss helping out.), Janos (Reconnect), JJ (Reconnect)

~ Bond: Percy (meet, make friends) -> Keita (meet him via Percy), Vincent (bond with grandfather)

~ Bond: Kendra (run into her in the courts, try to act casual but reconnect a bit), Nicholas (at the casino and attempts to catch up as she hasn’t really sat down and talked to him personally in years)

~ Bond: Monnique (school project), Jaxom (try to run around with)

~ Keita is so fascinated now that he has a mentor that he isn’t taking care of himself. Mira notices and scolds him but he doesn’t take it very seriously.
~ Keita collapses while at home with just Lucy and Percy. He makes Percy promise not to tell mom and dad since he’s scared they will make him quit his studies if they knew.
~ Keita is in a magic duel against Monnique and passes out instead of blocks like he should. He takes a serious injury and it taken to healers for it.
~ His parents are called in and Amon is actually against letting him study magic if its so dangerous. Not wanting that, Percy breaks the promise and tells their parents that Keita just wasn’t taking care of himself. Naturally parents are upset about it as there is NO sane reason to do this. They warn Keita if he collapses again they will pull him from classes so he MUST take care of himself!
~ After, Keita is furious with Percy for breaking his promise.

~ Bond: Alessa (her mentor and mother figure)

~ Alessa and Monnique talk to Kendra about it. She doesn’t feel any progress with Marek so she agrees to at least wine-and-dine Vincent to see if there is anything there. She begins to notice how close the girls are and that Monnique seems like a caring girl.
~ Marek comes to check up on Alessa about the previous concerns with her ill staff. In the process she mentions how excited she is to see if her father and Kendra hit it off.
~ Kendra and Vincent do their little dinner date. However, the man’s more gentle nature isn’t really her speed but she realizes he’d make for a good friend. After all, they have something they care about in common: Alessa.
~ Marek asks her how the date went.
~ The girls ambush her after for details. However, Monnique is clearly distracted since Estella wants to move out of the capitol and she doesn’t want to leave. Kendra offers to make the girl her ward at fist and if they get along well a possible adoption could follow.

~ Bond: Nikkola (investigate her when Sheldon accuses her of drugging him), Nicholas (pick a fight with him to see how strong he is), Fawkes (poke at him, see if he’s fun or not), Jean (how much longer do we play nice?)

(After the traitor escapes the Shattered Realm.)
~ Kibo hears about the incident and brings it up to Jean. Asks for special permission to track the bastard down but won’t explain why he’s so invested in it.
~ Not caring what methods he uses, he asks Mouko to help him find him.
~ They catch the bastard and Kibo struggles with if he should kill him and say he never found him, or catch him and let the Legion/Crown judge him. See What Happens.
~ Either way, after Jean talks to him about his involvement and he admits some habits are hard to break (aka defending his old boss).

~ Works with either Taren or Fawkes on a murder case. The person is killed by suffocation but supposedly no one was with him and there are no signs of forced entry. Suspects include an estranged son, a divorced wife that is being stiffed on the legal severance, an aged Wysterian butler who is nearly deaf and a preteen handmaiden.
~ They interview each of the suspects one after another and compare notes on their thoughts.
~ The two look over the evidence, the interviews, and then try to act on it to solve the murder.
~ See What Happens.

~ Kibo talks to Akira about how he’s worried about their “parents”. He positive they were too smart, too powerful, and they must have fled to tLoD. Akira isn’t so sure.
~ Kibo talks to Mouko about it, about the possibility, since he has been helping reform their homeland. He admits there _are_ Tengu there but they may not be the Tengu that raised them.
~ Kibo suggests to Akira they go check. Akira doesn’t want to be gone for months from the gang though, especially with the mafia breathing down their neck. Kibo gets upset with him, feeling like he’s choosing his “new” family over his old one.
~ See What Happens.

~ Bond: Saiya (ask to apprentice under him again), Eriko (break down when Mitsuko’s body is found)

~ Kosuke talks with his father and the Servants of Entropy about if they are still with the Dawnbringers or not.
~ IF they are, he suggests that he could start working as a lobbyist for troops and supplies to put his skills to use.
~ IF they are not, he tries to figure out what their agenda will become now to see if his skills can have a use.
~ Reach out to whomever, based upon previous steps results, to attempt some courtier work. Either by speaking to Leorajh about becoming a lobbyist or talking to whomever for Mouko’s next agenda.
~ See What Happens.

~ Kosuke has his daydream of happy days with Mouko shaken by something truly evil or scary. He has to face that Mouko isn’t just a saint.
~ He tries to talk to Mizuki about it but his twin has been raised with this, he’s more shocked that Kosuke had such an innocent view of it all.
~ Kosuke is upset and meets with Akuchi. He recognizes this is his mentor’s brother and they chat. Akuchi tells him that people are more complicated then good or bad.

~ Bond: Shaiyun (be the one writing her letters because he misses her), Alessa (sorry I put you in harms way)

~A noble lord in Phelice is holding a talent show style competition to help raise the people’s spirits.
~ Willow hears about it while out with Alessa and the two decide they want to enter. It would be great for Willow’s fashion line and maybe even get her enough fame to open her own shop someday. Meanwhile, Alessa could spread awareness for animal medicine.
~ Ichiko has been asked to be a judge for the competition and mentions it to Hope, who thinks it could be a good place to get more political connections.
~ Shaiyun and Kris hear about it. Kris becomes convinced he is MEANT to win this. How could he not? He has Willow to make him an amazing outfit. Alessa to get him a mascot and tend his wounds. Ichiko to help him train up and Hope to help him with any speeches! Add in Shaiyun helping him set up the routine and he’s a sure-fire win! Shaiyun tries to mention the others might want to join on their own but he ignores it in his excitement.
~ When everyone meets up, Kris brings up his amazing plan to win before anyone can say anything else. The others know Kris has been down on his luck and this is the most excited he’s looked in a while. They each decide to do what they can to help him while also doing their own shows.
~ Helping Kris puts a drain on everyone but Ichiko (since he’s only a judge). When Ichiko notices the toll being taken on the others, he isn’t sure catering to Kris’ selfish nature is the answer – that was what got him in trouble in Cardinal Meridian, wasn’t it? And nearly got people killed.
~ Ichiko takes Kris to see what the others are working on behind stage. Kris realizes that they had their own hopes for this, their own dreams and realizes he didn’t even consider that.
~ Kris drops out of the competition and instead put his time into helping everyone else get their things ready.
~ See who wins the competition (let the dice Gods decide).

~ Given his personal issues with the zombies, Danielle and Danx suggest a therapist is best for Kris. However, he scoffs it off, swearing therapists are just for crazy people and girls. The truth is, his role models taught him to NEVER talk about his feelings.
~ Danielle brings this up to Alessa, Hope and Willow – suggesting they try to gently help Kris see it isn’t bad to talk about how you feel.
~ When the girls bring it up to him, Kris gets offended and can’t see what talking does for anyone!
~ Kris rants to Ichiko about it, sees if he can find an ally in the ryuko man since he didn’t run to therapy after HE lost everything, right?
~ The girls try to sort out how to get Kris to realize needing help is a sign of strength – not weakness. See What Happens.

~ Zayne finds Lydia in the commons after school. Bored, he suggests they go explore the woods closest to the institute. Lydia suggests some old mines she heard the older students talking about. They’re supposed to be haunted. Thrilled with the idea they dart off to the library to guilt Destan into coming.
~ Zayne and Lydia convince Destan to come along.
~ The three head off to the mines. During their exploration they wake up a flock of bats, which sends them all screaming in terror. They find a nook to hide in while the bats pass by. It’s in the nook that one of them discovers an item. Seeing it as proof of their adventure they bring it back to school. Rotating who gets to hold onto it.
~ At school, Patrick notices Zayne and asks about if Baron has written any letters home. However, ghost activity picks up around them. They get away from it but at the time Zayne doesn’t put two-and-two together yet.
~ Lydia has the piece while she is with Zayne and it happens again. This time Zayne realizes the item may be the trigger.
– They tell Destan, who suggests that there is a group in the school that investigates things for the student body. But he knows Zayne isn’t going to be happy about it because Baron was previously in charge of it!
~ After finally talking Zayne into it, Lydia and Destan (with him in tow) go to the Student Committee of Investigation (Headed up by Patrick now that Baron is gone). They realize the object could be cursed, which would mean the best person to de-curse it is a mage.
~ Upon going to AEGIS the kids run into Grace. They say they need a “real” mage to look at it, but she diagnosis the situation easily enough. However, mages do not de-curse things – that is what priests do, and sometimes even that is beyond them for truly strong curses. See What Happens.

~ There is a big “father-son and mother-daughter” competition being held at the school. Everyone is into it, particularly because the winners get a trip to (and a full tour of) Phaira. Zayne and Destan make a friendly wager over it, with the loser having to obey the other (basically if Destan wins, Zayne will stay out of trouble one time when Destan asks him to but if Zayne wins, Destan will help him with his next scheme when asked). Given how fun it looks, Lydia demands to compete too only to realize she’d need her _mom_ with her.
~ Lydia talks with her father about the situation. He explains her mother cannot possibly come.
~ Lydia talks with Destan, Grace and Zayne about it. They suggest there are only two options: A) They get a woman to pretend to be her mom. B) They hook up her dad before the event starts! See What Happens.
~ Lucy can also attempt this of course.
~ Patrick can choose to play as well.

~ Sent to take the first child from Chloe & Vyrin. They are to offer her “compensation” in return for her lack of rebellion and continued silence on the matter. She will lose the child either way, so she can get a comfortable life for the next baby or she can rebel and be killed – her choice.
~ The child is brought secretly to the castle and kept under wraps while a hasty marriage is to be arranged to Cloe so the kid can be presented as her own. She arranges it with Dante’s folks, who then force him into the situation.
~ After, Dante is told about the child, but only in the sense that it is Cloe’s child out of wedlock and the family needed to save face about it with the quick marriage.
~ Chestin orders the knights to keep tabs on Chloe and Vyrin for any signs they would break the deal and/or spread rumors of the truth. At the first sign of doing so they are to be discreetly assassinated to prevent further trouble.

~ Chestin speaks to Jean about a rather wild idea – He wants to recruit the Juton to their cause. He noticed that the reports from those who went on the trip included talk about a man with horns that seemed rather intellectual. He wants them to locate this man and somehow arrange a meeting. He also wants the whole thing kept VERY quiet so as not to alienate the Nazcan’s now living among them.
~ They can try to find this man a handful of ways: Investigate those who want on the trip (Dante/James/Himitsu) for more intel on the specifics, get a mage to help them track the artifacts present and see if it homes in on him, capture and interrogate a Juton for where their master is hiding, scrying, visions, etc
~ Let them formulate a plan and see how it goes.

~ Bond: Palden (while out shopping Palden see’s him from behind. Thinking he’s a cute little red head Phairan. Palden flirts with Liam thinking is a girl.), Odin (Legacy Institute is having an art and culture show at the school with speakers. Odin is there speaking about the arts, while Liam is talking about fashion and design. The two meet during the event and they bond over art. Liam asks Odin if he would make him a sculpture for his new home.)

~ Bond: ssence (run into her again, see how she’s holding up), William (go to the shop to give a letter to Sally and see him there instead, get pissed) -> Tabitha & Ashlyn (talk to them about how they lost the shop and what it means for Sally and Drew)

~ Reports of a gorgeous woman attacking travelers in Merlose are spreading. Many think it is the ghost of a priestess killed by panicked masses just after the Slada’sha rose. Her name was Amora. In case she is undead, Maelstrom is sent, along with Yuki, Chisu and Akiha.
~ Upon arrival in the area, they find the towns have most shut themselves inside their homes out of fear and one town is literally abandoned. Talking to locals reveals that she stays in the abandoned town and comes out to their homes at night.
~ They seek out the town and find the wraith. Her powerful spirit was twisted by the Slada’sha and her own rage at being killed by those she came to save. When talking fails they must destroy her.

(After Lucious is shrunk.)
~ Ferragorn goes missing, naturally Lucious and Maelstrom try to find him.
~ The trail, via fate thread, leads to a gangster hub (ala Tortuga). While they have a lot of power, being too obvious might risk them killing or moving Ferragorn. Maelstrom knows he can play criminal without an issue – he used to be one. The issue is, how to deal with Lucious. The end result is him playing slave to Mael.
~ While trying to investigate someone offers to buy Lucious. Maelstrom claims Lucious is his love slave – hence there isn’t a price to be offered. After they finally get their lead on Ferragorn.
~ Raid the location, get back the unicorn.
~ After, Maelstrom makes sure Lucious is okay since he knows how sensitive he can be about people acting sensual towards him. It was just the best way to get people off their back.
~ Maelstrom spends an afternoon with Kaidan and tells him about what went down. Kaidan prods him about maybe enjoying claiming Lucious for a moment. Maelstrom doesn’t confirm or deny it, instead he merely says Lucious couldn’t handle it if that were even the case.

~ Bond: JJ (visit Marietta’s “false” grave since a new one was made in the capitol but the bodies in CM can’t be recovered. Actually talk about her commitment to her visions and how he was never sure they did what she thought they would.), Vyrin (after Emoeyn’s death he comforts the boy), Sheldon (talk with him about the dangers of taking on Quentyn)

~ While having time with Taren (drinking) he learns that Taren has been having sexual relations with a man. Given his disturbing issues with women he starts asking questions about what that’s like. Him and Taren really go into the heart of why Taren went this direction and if it’s his true ‘desire’ or if it’s just an interesting and easy ‘fix’.
~ Since things are ‘questionable’ between Jean and Cross, Marek opens up to his commander about his curiosities and wants a second opinion. He learns that not just Jean and Cross but also Kibo and Akira are in homosexual relations, not to say they like only men but it was the same sex that their hearts fell for.
~ While drinking with Gen during a basic hang out time, he brings it up to Gen as an off the wall thought. Gen seems oddly comfortable with the comment which leads Marek to wondering if Gen is with a man as well. Upon learning he is, Marek realizes that society may not want people thinking about it but it happens more often then anyone would suspect! Gen doesn’t say who he is with but that Marek’s Commander knows who it is.

~ Emoeyn’s body shows up in a river with ritual symbols carved into her flesh.
~ Marek is brought to identify the body by Taren and breaks down. He promises to find whoever did this but Taren warns him that Jean said he isn’t to be on this case due to his personal involvement.
~ Marek breaks the news to Vyrin (who has Chloe with him).
~ Up to the funeral Marek spends his every waking moment in libraries at AEGIS trying to identify the symbols. While he initially wants to blame the Cult of Asoth (since Vanessa hates him so much) he realizes the symbols aren’t consistent with that faith. (He talks about it with Sable, who is trying to get him to eat something before the funeral takes place.)
~ Emoeyn’s funeral takes place and while there, Kendra attempts to reach out to Marek. He admits he’s getting rather tired of the rules at times like this.

~ Bond: Nikkola (about how, after everything, Taisie still got to be Duchess), Gen (meet him and ask if he’s related to I’Frit because he reminds her an awful lot of him!), Emeline (about organizing a party for the next major holiday), JJ (about if she will return to the courts)

~ Melchior “bumps” into Noru and casts a spell on him to attack Marlene.
~ Marlene is stabbed by Noru and left for dead. A passerby (someone who is free and needs the plot at the time) notices and gets her to the clinic. Noru remembers none of this after but finds blood on his weapon and wonders what happened.
~ Noru talks with Usha or Xanthus about the situation. Sadly, his personality makes it hard to believe it is anything more than him being mentally unstable and prone to violence.
~ At the same time, Nikkola brings word back to the Shattered Realm that Marlene is in the hospital in bad shape.
~ When the SR visit her, she is in and out of consciousness but lets them know that she was attacked by a mafia thug.
~ See What Happens.

~ While having a night over with I’Frit, he brings up why she goes around wearing a wedding ring when she isn’t married. She explains that it is to remind her of the way she overlooks the precious things in her life until they die on her.
~ Marlene wonders if I’Frit is offended by the ring and talks with Akira and Dale about it. However, they offer conflicting stories since Akira thinks it wouldn’t matter to I’Frit and Dale thinks any many would hate their girl clinging to an ex-husband.
~ Dale tries to bring it up to I’Frit, mostly for Marlene’s sake, but it sparks the question of whether or not he would ever WANT to marry her.
~ Lead into I’Frit’s plotline to talk to Marlene about if she wants marriage or not.

~ A drug begins circling around New Dawn, it provides people a false sense of invulnerability and confidence that they then act upon and often it doesn’t end well. Raiu offers to have his people handle it since they were previously law keepers and his samurai get impatient between major battles anyways.
~ Toru and other members (whoever is free and needs placement) are sent to investigate a potential dealer. The woman won’t confess anything so Toru gets extremely physical and one of the group has to stop him from outright torture.
~ A plan is hatched to have Yuki pretend to be interested, since she seems like a shy girl with a lack of confidence who might be drawn to such a drug. Chisu is immediately opposed since she has no combat training if she is caught but she is adamant its time she repaid the group and became useful.
~ Chisu talks with her after and she convinces him to trust her.
~ Yuki attempts to ingratiate herself with the other geisha in the hopes of learning who the dealer is.
~ Chisu becomes antsy and has to be talked down from seeking out Yuki by Toru and Senchiro.
~ That night, however, Saiya finds Toru going out to “take a walk”. When he calls him on the bluff, Toru says he’s just protecting Chisu’ interests… and hoping for some bodies to drop. Saiya begins to realize Toru is getting twisted in his own rage and darkness after Mitsuko’s death but Toru will NOT talk about it – in fact he becomes hostile if its brought up.
~ Yuki finally gets the information she needs; the issue is she gets caught as well. She manages to convince a geisha that regularly flirts with Senchiro to take information to the gumi for her before she is captured.
~ Word is brought back and the gumi is mobilized. They assault the geisha house, narrowly saving Yuki’s life in the process and bringing down the dealer. However, Toru goes overboard and kills the dealer instead of keeping him alive for intel – which Raiu gets furious about. The others have to talk Raiu and Toru down from one another.
~ After, Raiu talks with Saiya about how he failed Mitsuko and now he fears he will fail Toru as well. See What Happens.

~ The gumi is sent to assist with a border breach near Nazca’s old territory. However, upon arrival they are not welcome with open arms but scorn – the general in charge of the territory has no love for ryuko and makes it clear that is the case. As a result, their forces them to camp just outside of the area defenses.
~ The gumi is tasked with taking out a group of Juton in the jungle. They are given no tools, no extra men – no healers or mages of any kind. The task is intended as a suicide mission but given their honor they cannot refuse.
~ The gumi take down the Juton but not without heavy injuries and causalities.
~ Upon returning to report the general gives them flack and Toru flat out snaps and has to be held back by the others.  See What Happens.

~ Bond: Akira (about meeting his friends and if its feasible), Karidee (chance encounter, mention she’s heard of her “Story” and that she envies Karidee for her “adventures”)

~ Mikayla has another meeting with Hanna and tries to bring her something to play with her (backgammon) since she pities her situation. The two bond.
~ Mikayla spends time with Danielle and talks about her budding friendship with Hanna. She talks about how exotic and dark she is.
~ Mikayla meets with Hanna again, this time the other woman does little things to intone romantic notions (touching hand, holding a gaze, complimenting her) but it never goes to outright romance so Mikayla isn’t sure how to read it.
~ Mikayla talks with her mother about her friendships with other woman and how it normally works. She compares the difference between the fun (but safe and honorable) Danielle and then dark (but alluring and mysterious) Hanna.
~ Mikayla talks with Hanna again, this time she asks her why she’s there and Hanna explains her past. As she does so though, she drops hints that JJ is a collector of rare and powerful things – even refers to him as MIkayla’s “keeper”.
~ Mikayla talks to JJ about the other side of the story. See What Happens.

~Mikayla talks to Danielle about what its like to have a place of her own and how she spends her day. She is clearly envious and wanting to stretch her wings after a life in the Temple.
~ Mikayla comes to talk to JJ about something and he is out, but she finds Phaedria there instead. She feels bad for the woman being stuck inside cleaning (mostly because she reminds her of her) and asks her to join her on an errand. While out, she talks to her about how her whole life has been the Temple and been a holy icon… but what good is she? She’s never learned anything but how to sit pretty and not get attacked while drawing in stalkers. Phaedria suggests she try to study a profession and make something of herself.
~ Mikayla’s mother comes over and she talks with her about the various options for a career of study she could take up. A part of her feels like mage is either obvious or the worst idea ever, given her abilities, and priestess would be strange given _what_ she is.See what they come up with.
~ Mikayla talks with JJ about seeking out the career she picks.

~ Akira & Mikayla have been hanging out over the years but Akira is often bored by the sterile environment of the Temple. As a result he suggests they go on an adventure. They find the same hidden passages that JJ once did and start looking for things down there. Mikayla’s imagination starts forming creatures and Akira starts taking them out! Eventually she tells Akira that it’s her fault he’s fighting monsters. Akira’s reaction is it’s really fun to fight stuff that’s new and he loves the game of it – great practice!
~ Mikayla talks to JJ about how Akira seems to really appreciate her powers to make things for him to fight. JJ suggests that maybe if she used her energy more she’d have more control over it. He suggests that she make things for people to practice against since monsters and demons aren’t unheard of threats.
~ JJ creates a place for Mikayla, like an arena, so she can summon in it. Him, Xiphil, August and T’vasha are the first opponents for her creations to test her in making them at different levels.
~ Akira finds out about Mikayla’s new arena and wants in on the fun too, however she over estimates his power and creatures a monster to strong for him. She finds out that she can also enhance other people’s power by putting her own manifestation of what she sees into them – turning Akira in to a phoenix like creature temporarily to destroy the monster. It wipes him out and he goes into a short coma (a few days).
~ Akira awakens, Kibo, Cross and Mikayla are all there with him. Naturally, Mikayla blames herself and Kibo isn’t helping.

~ Bond: Jaxom (puts out her dress on fire, learn about his impairment), Keita (meet him on her first day at AEGIS), Kyshtari (get her to mentor her)

~ Keita finds her doing research on magic charms and she tells him how she gives him the sob story of how she looking for a charm that will break a curse that was placed on her father. Who she believes was mind controlled to leave, but makes him promise not to tell anyone, and sees if he will help her with the research.

~ Elliot buys a friend (Leslie) a lovely mirror, however a week later Leslie ends up dead in a pool of her own blood. Elliot explains the incident to Leila, Palden and Jasper. However, Elliot demands to help since he feels responsible.
~ The mirror has been claimed by Leslie’s next of kin, Delores, who already has it hung up. She lets them (Leila and the others) look it over. They notice that when you look in the mirror you can see three letters carved into the base of it (AND).
~ That night Leila & Jasper are looking up the mirror. They learn the mirror once belonged to a young woman, Alia, who was murdered right in front of the mirror. She used her nails to carve the letters into the mirror but they were so vague that no one ever figured out who the killer was.
~ Knights come to arrest Elliot on suspicion of illegal mage operations. Delores is now dead in the same way as before and they cannot over look this. Leila and her team promise to stop the mirror and get this sorted out so Elliot will be set free.
~ Leila, Jasper & Palden break into the warehouse where the mirror is presently stored. They plan to pull out the spirit by one of them provoking it (aka starring into the mirror) while the other gets ready to smash it. In the process the spirit in the mirror calls forth Leila’s (as she’s the lucky one to look into it) guilt for being cast out of her homeland. She begins to suffer from the curse when Palden smashes the mirror. The ghost comes out after them and attacks Palden, reminding him of how he abandoned Trisha before and ruined her marriage to Disadi. Thinking quickly, Jasper accuses the spirit of all the murders she performed since possessing the mirror. When the spirit itself becomes trapped he breaks the frame – killing the spirit.
~ Leila, Jasper and Palden testify and bring the frame as evidence to the knights. A mage of AEGIS looks it over and validates the truth. Elliot will be released.
~ Elliot thanks them for their help but decides maybe ghost hunting isn’t for him.
~ That night, Jasper watches Leila reassuring Palden about what the mirror said to him and gets jealous.
~ Jasper is upset about acting out as he did with Leila and Palden. Monnique comes to spend time with him and asks about the monster hunting group – which only flusters him further. If she detects his issues with Leila she may offer tips and tricks. See What Happens.

~ Nayeli speaks to Cross about his being a God and he waves it off as no big deal. However, this is a part of her faith! The God of Fire is what Nazca worships and she insists its a big deal.
~ Nayeli tries to bring him offerings and I’Frit intercepts her. He tries to explain to her that her God of Fire is living a mortal life right now. He doesn’t want to be idolized that way. He wants to be respected as a man, not a God. If she wants to worship him, she needs to operate in the way he’s living now and save offerings for when he’s no longer mortal.
~ She seeks advice about it from Xiphil. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Forint & Karidee (Try to ascertain if Karidee is becoming a mini-me of Forint out of choice or coercion while the optimistic woman’s personality grates on her. ), Nicholas (Slap him, demand he go home to Virgil since he has a life and family still – no one should choose this life if they have options!), Chloe (on being unable to escape their dark pasts), William (play cards and flirt), Taisie (be stuck working with her on something and try to glaze over their troubled past completely)

~ Nikkola is brought to dinner, much to Amon’s shock. Nikkola spends the dinner trying to fluster him with her attention while staying coy enough not to upset Helen.
~ After, Amon tells her to stop it and she refuses. She calls him on wanting to save her but having a darkness deep inside that SHE thinks she can nurture. So who will win? Will he save her before she can darken him?
~ See what happens

~ Quentyn hires her to take out Forint (need a reason!) and she is reluctant. She negotiates instead to have him call off the hit if they both reveal each other’s identities instead – since he’s been so curious about her.
~ Work with Quentyn some more.

~ Bond: Hope (notice she’s reunited with Ichiko and playfully tease her about possible romantic options there), River & Magnus (at Geralt’s grave, try to explain the version of him she always knew was at least compassionate), Emeline (comfort her through cooking failures)

~ Belladonna, furious over the fact Emeline has moved beyond her now, unleashes a curse she barely learned from the tome she once had. The spell is intended to “trap a person in their past” but instead it turns everyone in the Emberlight Tavern into children!
~ Belladonna rushes back to tell the Mafia now is the time to strike. It wasn’t what she wanted but its close enough. (w/ Xanthus)
~ The SR (and potentially Essence) try to figure out what was done to them and undo it.
~ See What Happens.

~ Odette talks with Nikkola about how long its been since she felt passionate about something in her own life. Fearful, sure. Duty bound, certainly. Affectionate is even there. But truly passionate? Not since before Louis died.
~ Talking later with Essence or Emeline, Odessa is encouraged to try new things and see if she can find that spark again.
~ While attempting to find a “Rush” in combat, she tracks down a monster also being sought by the Monster Hunters. She meets Hadley and learns the woman can undo curses.
~ Talk with Hadley about whether or not Finn’s situation would count.
~ See What Happens.

~ Odin’s mother tries to kill herself again after another tryst by their father.
~ Odin goes to Tyler about helping him fix the family situation.
~ Odin’s father turns up dead and the murder is pinned on Tyler!
~ Odin & Tyler bond OR turn on each other over it – see how it goes in RP.
~ In the end learn mom did it to “end it all” (hence most recent suicide attempt).

~ A woman comes in claiming that her husband is acting strange. She fears he may do something at a party their restaurant is catering for. The report is given to Edward who promises to do what he can.
~ Edward calls in Amon, Ashlyn, Danielle, Danx, Kime and Medea. They are debriefed and then told to investigate the husband and the home for any signs of intended foul play.
~ Upon arrival they separate into two teams, one to interrogate the husband personally and the other to investigate the property. Let the players decide how to divide. Sadly, they don’t find much, the only incriminating evidence is that a noble stiffed the husband a year ago but he doesn’t act upset about it per say. As a result, they have no choice but to run security for the party.
~ At the event the man will happily do his catering. The wife will bring the drinks. Now let the players detect what they can about this – if they do nothing then people at the party will start to succumb to the poison in the drinks.
~ Eventually they will realize it was the drinks the wife brought. They will be sent to arrest her.
~ She will be interrogated by Kime first. During this time she was touch him whilst explaining her hatred of nobles and how they run the system.
~ After, Kime will find his reality distorted as though everyone is looking down on him or is sick of him.
~ She will keep doing this to people who talk with or investigate her personally and she will always have more information but suddenly refuse to share it with a knight who has spoken to her before.
~ Eventually they will realize what is going on and she will expose this was always her plan – to get caught and tear them apart from the inside. See What Happens.

~ A family claims to be cursed or targeted by demons after three of them have died in the house – two being the lord of the houses children and one being his wife. He has only one infant child left and doesn’t know what to do to protect himself or the babe. Edward agrees to station knights at the home to look for who could be poisoning/hexing them.
~ While watching the household, Demetri (with Ashlyn along) notes a very old and expensive painting in the sunroom. The lord of the house is very proud of it, explaining it belonged to his father and was passed down the family.
~ Ashlyn has tea with the father to discuss who might be targeting him. She finds herself getting sick though (he does as well) and they leave wondering if the servantry poisoned them.
~ Danx and Demetri do a full investigation of the servants, everyone loves the lord and would never harm a baby – who did it?
~ While Amon is on shift (along with Ashlyn) he notices the painting as well. He denotes how green some of the paint looks and asks if it is Scheele’s Green. When the man says he thinks it is, Amon realizes the painting itself is toxic – especially in a sunroom where it gets heated all day long! They realize the killer has been the painting, not a servant.

~ Bond: Scathe (over his resentment of their people), Hadley (over whether her magic has the potential to help with Slada’sha Aura and corruptions), Percy (marvel over something he is working on)

~ Has a vision of mermaids being terrorized by an underwater dragon that is twisting their people. Oseron tells Leorajh about this.
~ They need to fight underwater to find these people. They talk with the Order of Magic (Shantrea) and the Servants of Entropy (Mouko) about how to pull that off.
~ A strong but small team is sent to do the job. They find the mermaids are being decimated or twisted. They help them flee the area while holding off the twisted ones.
~ See What Happens.

~ Oseron talks to Scathe about how, as a priest and strategist, is it really powerful enough to help everyone? Or should it try to learn magic or more combat skills?
~ Leorajh assures his kitten that it doesn’t need to be powerful, its confidence and brains are exactly what he needs.

~ Leila & Palden respond to a series of bizarre deaths in Dycroft.
– While investigating at a pub a fight breaks out between two men and one is killed. The man acts insane but seems fine in terms of signs of evil or taint. In the process Palden makes friendly with a cute bartender, Sherry, that the men were fighting over.
~ Palden makes like he’s a sucker for the Sherry’s cute looks and follows her home. In the end he reveals that he had a hunch she was the cause of the incident and he learns in the fight she is possessed and therefore can’t kill her without killing the host. She causes a cave in that traps them together and they actually bond a bit.
~ Meanwhile, Leila is researching the incidents when she learns the incidents all revolved around the woman who is a temptation type of demon. She immediately finds her residence to help Palden.
~ When Leila arrives she kills the woman, despite Palden’s outcry against it. After Palden tells him the girl was possessed and they watch the innocent host die.

~After the fear of almost loosing his parents he wants to invent something that his father could use. He begins working on a gauntlet Chester notices but Percy tells his mentor that this is something he wants to figure on his own.
~ Hearing that Baron has started a kids club he sees it as a way to test out his inventions. He asks Baron of he could join the group.
~ The gauntlet he wants to make he wants to have a stunning application to it so wants to see if he can contain energy and then have it release on contact. He creates a capsule that when broken it should stun the target. He gives some to Baron but when used they only create a spark and nothing more, putting the group in danger.
~ Chester comes apart on Percy later for the cost of the crystals he’s been shattering and drags him to his family, demanding they repay the debt these and other “tests” are costing the royal family!
~ Later when they tell him what happens Percy is more interested in the effect that did happen and not the fact that they almost got hurt. Assuring them that it will work next time.
~ Hearing that his brothers mentor is a powerful mage, he begs Keita to take him to one of his lessons. He wants to see if he can fuse technology with magic.
~ Percy dreams of men in flight and if it is ever a possibility. He builds a proto type glider based on the great hawks. He shows the crew his design and trys to talk one of them into trying it. The glider is attached to a cart using the momentum from the horses and a crank that controls the amount of rope used. It would lift the glider much like one would lift a kite. During the test run the rope snags causing the glider to crash, and whoever tested it gets hurt in the progress. Where he feels bad his friend is hurt, he tells them that it’s part of progress.
~ afterward Percy is on top of a book case with a model of a new design and trying to get it to fly. Chester finds him and gets upset with the boy who is climbing all over his things. 

(Currently Running!)
~ Jean, Jason, Phaedria and Gen arrive at the farm house of Abel and Ross. The location is a quaint farm mostly devoted to raising adorable dwarf sheep. The knights with Jean raid the location, with Jason ready for a fight as well. However, Gen and Ross demand the fighting be done away from the cute little sheep! It is ultimately negotiated that no one will be hurt if Abel and Ross can bring Sain and Ion out into the open for a “chat”. At first Ross and Abel refuse, but Gen reveals those are his creators and they left him to die. Abel relents; agreeing to go get the scientists while Ross stays behind to ensure no harm comes to the sheep.
~ While they wait, Phaedria attempts to talk to Ross about her mother and the incident involving the Arcane Storm.
~ Abel attempts to talk Sain and Ion into the meeting, explaining that Ross and his sheep are in danger if they don’t comply.
~ That night, Abel brings Sain and Ion to talk with Gen and Jason. The scientists explain that Gen was created from bodies purchased on the black market – specifically the bodies of Jason’s parents. However, they didn’t kill them they only bought the corpses. Whoever hired the assassin, who then sold the bodies, is beyond them. IF the Legion attempts to arrest them after, Abel will reveal having brought many more men as back up. The people can go or they can die here. After, the farm will vanish from this location.

~ Tell JJ about her findings, want to build a device to locate her mother. He puts her into talks with Astera since her dowsing is so versatile.
~ Astera knows they need a device, which means an inventor, so they encounter Chester and find him a difficult man to work with.
~ See what happens.

~ The Temple attempts to create an artifact to stop Melchior from doing something (what can be decided as needed). However, to complete it she needs 3 pure items from around the world: A unicorn’s horn, blood of a werewolf, the mark of the great spider.
(To be done with three other players: Shantrea, “Carol” & Vyrin)
~ Unicorn horn leads to Lucious for Ferragorn but ultimately realize Ferragorn’s mother had a horn Wysteria took.
~ Ask Renee’ where it went.
~ Track it down and acquire it.
~ Back to Aether for werewolf blood, head to the Dark Forest. Werewolves are not inclined to give it up and attack them, they must flee.
~ Learn about Ki Lin dating a man rumored to be one.
~ Ask Darkmoon for his blood.
~ Mark of the great spider sounds like Araneae but it doesn’t work when they ask for a “mark” from Lemures.
~ Encounter Xiphil and/or Xalia and learn about the Great Spirit Beast that is a spider.
~ Go to Nazca and try to find it but it won’t show.
~ Nearly give up but it shows itself to Phaedria alone at night and gives it to her.
~ Return victorious. 

~ Bond: Saiya (allow himself to fall apart over losing Mitsuko), Yuki (over how she thought she knew Mouko but now she isn’t so sure)

~ After everyone is recovered, the gumi holds a funeral for Mitsuko. Raiu gives a speech and cracks show in his composure but he keeps it together. He becomes Commander of the gumi, he then promotes Saiya to Vice Commander.
~ Raiu privately congratulates Eriko as he promotes her to captain of Saiya’s old troop.
~ Raiu gives a report to Leorajh on the changes in ranks. When Leo asks how everyone is holding up, Raiu admits it is hard on them. He then makes a pointed comment that losing the commander you would die for is _always_ hard.

~ Raiu and Toru fight before the other members. Toru doesn’t see the point, this is a farce and they aren’t needed. Without Mitsuko there is no point. Raiu slaps him and barks him down but the two hardly part on good terms.
~ Yuki and Chisu try to comfort Toru but he’s more hostile then he’s ever been.
~ Akiha and Saiya check on Raiu and he decides he has no time to change Toru’s diapers. He has to grow up, they have all lost “their father” now.

~ Bond: Kyshtari (run into her again, deal with her hostility towards him and Taren), Taren (after the fall of Eon, talk about how he’s not sure Aether will ever accept them)

~ A bunch of Aetherain noble kids have a party (including Jarius, Odin, Ivy, Cammelia, Jason and Gen) and a joke was pulled on a skittish girl: Lucita. The mansion has a supposed “haunted room”. They lock her in it overnight but when her screaming abruptly stops they open the door and find her dead inside – strangled with a curtain tassle.
~ Sarias and another knight who needs the plotline are assigned to the case. The room was closed off, all other guests are accounted for at the time, so what killed her?
~ See What Happens (make stuff up for it as we go and generally have fun with it)

~ Nathon receives a death threat and walks into the Legion Barracks with it. He asks specifically for Sarias to investigate. Jean agrees to this but also assigns another with him (Taren or Fawkes, Rob’s choice).
~ The threat is from a dahhak that Nathon slept with a long time ago. It would appear she bore him a grudge and while it’s obvious Nathon knows more he won’t talk about it. He just demands their protection.
~ When the attacker comes its Satrina. Sarias recognizes her and explains they were arranged into a marriage but it failed. She explains that Nathon must die for “turning her baby against her”. She goes into attack mode after and when they prove too much trouble she leaves – but swears to come back.
~ They confront Nathon but he is still tight lipped. See What Happens.

~ She finds that Kirs is old enough to ‘fend for himself’. She attacks the family, trying to make good on her threat on Kris to force Lucious to move on. Her attacks do major damage, causing Lucious to lose it and try to heal his son with his TIME magic. The magic backfires and though it heals Kris, it sets Lucious back by years (to being around his son’s age!). Wacky higeinks ensue.
~ Following the energy pattern of Sairus, her husband, to see how he aged. She finds Taren instead! She learns about what happened and Taren makes it clear to her that he will defend Sarius. She pokes at him to see if he’s in love with her ex-husband and he flat out tells her that he is.
~ While Taren and Sarius are together on a job, she shows up to make life hard on them. Taren and Sarius try to turn it around on her and point out that she’s been chasing after an Aetherian for _years_. Taren then attacks her because he finds he flat out hates her.
~ Pissed that Lucious is too young for her now, she tries to hold Victor against him and have him age himself up with his time magic. He tries to do as she wants but in a moment of opportunity, Farragorn/Maelstrom/Kris/Aili (WHO CARES) saves Victor and Lucious turns the time against HER, de-aging her to a teenager! His hope was infant but… oh well. 

~ Bond: Creik (reunite with him, learn Keet is dead), Orianna (after Blaine goes darkside)

~ There is a haunted house the residents are afraid of. Schaw and Aros investigate. Get the story from those who reported it.
~ Go inside, freak out over the ghost by fucking with its opacity and appearance while trying to stay away from it.
~ Ultimately learn the ghost is leading them to a group of trapped girls who fell into a broken part of the house. Save them and the ghost goes away.

~ After Aros gets into the business of fixing Adrian, Schaw talks with him about if it can be used to remove corruption from him and his litter.
~ Aros finds he can, but that the corruption is tied into Schaw’s sonic abilities. If one goes, so might the other.
~ Schaw tells his littermates about the option and lets everyone make their choices. He has no intention of taking it up now because that power lets him protect what he loves.

~ Bond: Toru (talk about regrets they both have), Eriko (on a scouting mission they are caught in a storm and huddle in a cave to keep warm)

~ Bond: I’Frit (start a fight in the Emberlight Tavern and get more then he bargained for), Noru (brawl with him but the end up having fun with it)

~ Danx arrested Sensou for drunken disorderly while he is fighting with someone at the local pub. Could choose a player if they need the plot and can fight back at all.
~ While in the cell the ryuko in the tank with him start attacking him. Edward and Danielle over hear it and come down to stop the fight and find Sensou was stabbed.
~ Ivy takes the late-night emergency call and treats Sensou’s wounds. Edward observes and admits that he thinks Sensou might have a better life outside of Aether.

(After the above plot.)
~ Sensou is introduced to Saren and Theos by Edward. He asks to join their ranks but admits he doesn’t have more than a love of fighting to offer.
~ Maybe have him become the first “Shaytan Stalker” of the RP? See where this goes from here.

~ Serena sends Calliope a request for baking lessons. The invitation is to Serena’s personal mansion for the talk, but the lady is willing to hold the lessons at either her home or the Bakery – whichever Calliope is more comfortable with. See What Happens.

~ Serena and Helen are having a girls night over and Helen asks about the Sisters of End Times. This sparks a discussion where in Serena suggests Helen could document all that is being learned about the sisters – something no one has done before.

~ Bond: Kyshtari (about how Vyrin fell through for her), Elodin (just how serious are we, anyways?)

~ Shantrea’s wolf bites some noble or their kid. The noble insists that the dog be killed. She protects it with magic and gets in trouble. (Can be with any other player to help.)
~ Arrested, she is questioned about the circumstances because the noble is blowing it out of proportion and calling it an attack on them. The knight and/or other player can try to help navigate the situation.
~ See what happens.

~ The teleport site needs defensive tweaking but when Shantrea and her mages attempt it, things go wrong instead of right. She admits to Leorajh that she needs help and the best source is the missing Kevin Promathea.
~ Shantrea tries to scry for him and ends up getting teleport to where he is hiding out instead. Shocked, she is ashamed of how things fell apart in her time as Archmage of his Tower. Once she gets past that, she asks for his help with the teleport site.
~ See What Happens.

~ The group gets a new member: Doria. It is actually Belladonna under a spell, she is around Cross constantly and was apparently raised in the same orphanage.
~ When Akira confronts her about how well she knows the boss, she uses a binding ritual to control him and send him to kill Cross.
~ The resulting attack does major fire damage to the main room of the tavern. Cross and the gang finally help Akira break the binding on sheer force of will. Furious, the other members learn the truth and go after “Doria” only to find her long gone.
~ While this was happening, Belladonna attempts to kill Emeline but it stopped by Essence. When Essence tries to finish her off though, Abel comes to the rescue just in time to get Belladonna a quick exit before the cavalry arrives.
~ After, Cross and Akira apologize to I’Frit for the damages and actually volunteer to repair it together. Everyone pitches in to help out and discuss the situation.
~ Maybe a post for Emeline to talk to Essence about how she was in the cult – which would let Essence reveal she was raised there too.

~ Jean is out on a mission/top secret business.
~ While Jean is gone, Cross receives a mysterious threat letter that calls him and I’Frit to a remote location “or else Jean dies”. However, getting there they find nothing – then they realize the point was to get them away from the others and rush back.
~ Also around this time, the group left at the tavern (Akira, Roman, Odette, Nikkola, Emeline & Dale) get a threat letter as well this one claiming their boss will be killed if they don’t come to an abandoned chapel in old town. They rush over there only to end up trapped in the building while some kind of air born poison fills the space. The only windows are high up and solid stain glass – otherwise they have to break open the doors or burn down the walls around themselves to get out.
~ When the team at the inn left, Kibo and Essence both found the note and became concerned. They work together to go follow the group.
~ The gang is saved by Kibo and Essence in the nick of time – though Dale actually passes out from the poison and needed treatment.
~ Cross and I’Frit return and realize this whole thing was a ploy to get the more “dangerous” members of the group away while the rest were taken out in one shot.
~ Elsewhere, Andrew laments to Asoth that the gang are proving slippery despite being a bunch of worthless thugs.

~ The group gets a new member who fan boys over Cross constantly.
~ That member is actually a mage who uses a binding ritual to control Akira and send him to kill Cross.
~ The result does major fire damage to the room before Cross finally helps Akira break the binding on sheer force of will.
~ The traitor vanishes in the chaos and they can’t find any trace of him.
~ After, Cross and Akira apologize to I’Frit for the damages and actually volunteer to repair it together.

~ Bond: Odin (sculpture art), Edward (hunting), Karidee (try to get her take up event planning for him), Trisha & Palden (why not get a house of your own?), August (do you plan to marry Xiphil?)

~ August and T’vasha notice that JJ has been hiring Leorajh to go do things in the field of combat. The two sneak up on Leorajh and ask to tag along. They are BORED. Leo finds them both delightful and agrees on one condition: they both give him a massage completely naked, together. If they do that he’ll even let them do more of the fighting then him! August is desperate enough to consider agreeing to this.
~ T’vasha asks JJ if that deal would be alright. JJ is surprised by the offer and equally surprised that he finds he is not possessive of T’vasha’s body. He allows it and then asks if after this, if he enjoys the work, would he want to join Leorajh’s party for such adventures. At the same time August tallks to Xiphil about it – Xiphil agrees if he gets a massage of his own!
~ After the “massage” they go on a job to see if T’vasha enjoys it enough to take up JJ’s offer. At the same time, Xiphil can ask JJ if he thinks THEY should be playing around too! To which JJ states a firm NO but if pushed he will consider it.
~ If he enjoys fighting (T’vasha) he will ask JJ about putting him on the front lines more often. JJ considers that he needs more training himself and offers T’vasha to train him and then they can take bi-yearly trips out together to assist against the Slada’Sha minions and cleanse the lands they reach. 

~ Trisha and other therapists bring a concern up to T’vasha. They are getting overwhelmed by patients with mental disorders. They suggest a location be built just for treating people with mental disorders.
~ Brings up to JJ, he knows the Sha and dragon corruption is making the mental conditions worse – not to mention the loss of nations, the economic chaos, etc. Should they give them all a “home” to reside in and keep them from hurting the people?
~ See What Happens.

~ The tree growing in Veridian is now under debate between the locals and some dahhak staying there. The locals naturally have decided the monsters are just being evil for the sake of it and want them destroyed. JJ knows better and talks to Clive about it. He has no idea what that faction of his people are up to but he’s happy to find out.
~ Taisie and Wilson are sent to investigate the matter with Karidee to represent the temple. They learn that the dahhak are trying to protect the tree, which the locals want to cut down because it reminds them of the slaughter of the previous city. The dahhak, however, feel this tree could be the future hope in defeating the Slada’sha once and for all.
~ See What Happens.

~ Bond: Yuki (pull into a prank with him and have some fun), Lucious (reunite)

~ Toru takes a bad injury on a job (with Senchiro and Chisu).
~ Toru treats his own injuries, poorly, and Yuki attempts to help him. He barks at her, unwilling to be treated by her. He storms out past Saiya on the way out. After, Saiya assures her that Toru isn’t so much mad at her as he is missing Inuzu.
~ The wound gets infected and Yuki notices it. She forces him to accept her help, even going so far as to slap him which shocks him enough to get some compliance. She assures him he isn’t the only one who misses Inuzu and everyone else. They are ALL mourning.

~ Toru begins resolving most of his jobs by cutting people down and using excessive violence. This happens on a job with two other gumi members (whoever needs the plot at the time).
~ Toru is brought before Saiya on the matter but essentially preaches that dead men don’t cause trouble and the rest learn to fear them.
~ Toru runs into Mouko after a particularly bloody job. The Scion of Entropy doesn’t care about the death toll, but he is curious which one of them is a monster at this point. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Edward (thank him for taking over when he had gotten so involved elsewhere), Scathe (bring him some homemade throat lozenges after a particularly long meeting), Arcadian (notices he eats alone and offer to join him), Ymira (write her letters to see how she is holding up)

~ Deborah comes and asks to enlist. Vindassi refuses but Leorajh is there and doesn’t see why they would turn her away.

~ Bigsby comes to Vindassi begging for help. He’s pissed off the mob by borrowing a ton of money and not being able to repay it. Leorajh overhears it and decides to help, mostly because criminal types are his favorite to flay.
~ They find the same crime boss pushing his weight around at the local inn he’s staying at while looking for Bigsby. They fight him but Bigsby only makes a fool of himself and gets underfoot.
~ After, Bigsby swears he’ll go straight now but neither Leo or Vindassi believe him.

~ Knights, lead by Kime, go to the Basset Herb & Spice shop and find the planted evidence against Tabitha. Naturally she swears it wasn’t anything she condoned but they can’t believe her when the evidence makes it clear she must be lying – especially given her mother’s past abuse of her own herbs.
~ A legal proceeding finds Tabitha guilty of misusing her own goods and the shop is given to the Crown to decide its fate. During the proceedings, Ashlyn attempts to speak up about how William was cruel to her mother but it falls in deaf ears as she is only a squire peasant.
~ Edward comes to help Tabitha and Ashlyn pack up and move out. Where will they go? See What Happens.
~ Later, Tabitha finds out that William gained legal claim of the shop. She laments to Calliope about it.

~ Kendra encounters Willow and Barnaby at a party once again. This time she steps in when Willow is given orders and tries to take up for her as a way to talk with Barnaby. She tries to learn what he gets out of his situation with Willow and if she can offer him something else so that Willow will be left alone.
~ She finds Willow alone after the party and tries to learn how the girl really feels towards Barnaby. When Willow can’t offer her anything solid, Kendra suggests she can hook her up with someone else but Willow turns it down.
~ Willow talks to Barnaby about how they’ve been dating for years and the courts are starting to ask why they aren’t marrying at this point. He assures her that he has no intention of marrying her as a favor unless she plans to completely become his bitch.
~ Willow takes Kendra up on her offer to set her up with a date.
~ Kendra asks Marek if he knows of any sweet and eligible men in the courts to help Willow with. He suggests Liam, as there is hardly a gentler soul in the courts.
~ Kendra asks Liam if he would be up for trying a date with Willow at the up coming Knights Tournament.
~ Willow and Liam have a decently good time, with Felisha and Elliot along for the ride. During the incident, Elliot pulls Liam to one side and asks him if he really wants to be with Willow and Liam never gives a clear answer.
~  Willow breaks things off with Barnaby, since it was all just a farce anyways right?
~ Kendra, in an attempt to show support to Willow’s new relationship, hosts a “double date” with Marek as her “date”. He agrees to this as a friendly gesture more than a romantic one. However, while they are having dinner Kendra can see that something is strange about Liam when they talk about King Chestin.
~ At a party, Liam and Willow run into Barnaby and Sheldon. The two poke fun at the new couple but Barnaby realizes Liam’s blushing more around him then her!
~ Barnaby stops Willow before she takes her carriage home. He warns her that Liam’s more then he seems but she brushes him off as jealous.
~ Barnaby invites Liam and Willow to join him on a new hobby, as a show of friendship. It’s one he’s taken up in the last few years: archery. Naturally he gets in close with Liam to show him the ropes, confusing the young man and reminding him how he very much prefers men. Willow sees this and isn’t stupid, she realizes Liam is gay. When she confronts him he admits he wanted to be straight so he tried to get a girlfriend. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Serena (talk about Noru’s change), Jaxom (do a job with the kid, bond with him), Usha (have a good laugh and try to forget how dark things have gotten) -> Noru (make it clear that if he fucks things up with Usha, then she’s got “options”)

~ Learn where Akiha moved to from Edan who was researching it for him. Explain the death of his only child as the motivation to destroy her.
~ Explain his departure to Usha and Jaxom – assure them its something he has to do for “his own son”.
~ Arrive at the Mibushin Gumi HQ and demand the right to Akiha’s life for the murder of his child. See What Happens.

~ Talk with Asoth about how to root out the two major threats to his “Family”. The first being the Shattered Realm and the second being Leorajh.
~ See What Happens.

~ Noru and Nicholas are drinking with NPC, shooting the shit about the system – which ends up including Noru’s role in shooting the Queen. Later he finds reason to believe NPC is a spy for the Legionarries and takes him out.
~ Nicholas brings Noru in to talk to Xanthus and Usha about what he did. Furious, Xanthus points out that taking out “a blue” is garaunteed to get them in hot water not Noru is convinced he had no choice because he let slip about his being the assassin from before.
~ Xanthus, William and Edan have to set up a fake death for the man – hoping that the investigation is either too difficult to solve OR that Noru was wrong about his being a spy in the first place.
~ Jaxom notices how upset his parents are and tries to get details out of them.
~ See What Happens.

~ Cloe sits down with Xanthus and points out that her whole family “knows” now. However, she still enjoys the mafia life and wants to operate with them of her own free will. Xanthus admits it’s hard for him to trust her – she’d need to do something to convince him she’s loyal to the family.
~ Cloe steals some plans from Dante and smuggles them to the mafia as proof of her loyalty. When Xanthus realizes she has an “in” with the chemical weapon maker that has been holding out on everyone, he accepts it and asks her to keep her eye out for “better” products from him.
~ During this time, Cloe has another encounter with Emeline but this time its during a full on fight between the mafia and the Shattered Realm. As a result, Emeline learns Cloe is with the mafia to some degree.
~ Emeline confronts Cloe privately, using her control over her, and turns the woman into her spy within the mafia to aid the Shattered Realm. Thus, Cloe unknowingly becomes the traitor to her husband-to-be and to the mafia!
~ Emeline shares her new “spy” information with Cross.
~ Dante eventually sees his stuff in the hands of the mafia and various thugs they sell to but he has no idea how they got ahold of it…
~ Eventually Xanthus realizes the Shattered Realm are getting good at predicting their strategies and countering them – meaning he’s on the hunt for a traitor.
~ IF Cloe realizes something is up on her side she will go to Clive for help, since he picked up on it earlier.

~ Bond: Kirin (attempt to astrally project to JJ and be intercepted since Kirin has a kind of nature empathy/spirit thing going too), Leila & Jasper (poke them about why they aren’t sleeping together yet)

~ Xiphil takes JJ to a Nazcan celebration but doesn’t tell him what it is for. T’vasha is all grins all the way there. August is also there and like JJ, growing more and more concerned. The event is the Fire Ceremony and only happens once every 100 years. JJ and August are exposed to the dancing, the orgies and the banquets. They are also introduced to the notion of a person sacrifice. JJ takes this well while it is August that flips out about the idea and it being barbaric.
~ The volunteer that is to be sacrificed meets the four of them and one of their desires is to take August and T’vasha into the orgie. August once more flips his Wysterian shit. The volunteer eventually gives in on it. JJ and August are introduced to the whole volunteer gets what they want deal. JJ asks Xiphil if it would be alright to talk to Yunta and the other presiding shamans about the event. Since he can channel the heavenly host they may have a message given the importance of the event. See what comes out of his mouth.
~ Cross and his crew show up because Cross wants to. Akira is blind folded so the little bird doesn’t witness the orgies. He bitches about it the whole time and eventually gets lost. He runs into Xiphil and once the mask comes off he points out the obvious shit happening, like a kid, jaw dropped. Xiphil has to help him find his friends. When he does he recognizes the Fire God’s power (and of course the ifrit that’s standing next to him). React. I mean… it’s a 100 year party for the guy who’s standing right there. 

~ Runs into Jasper and they reconnect again. They avoid the topic of “Chloe” but there is an evident feeling of the elephant in the room.
~ Cloe sees the two of them together later and runs over to greet them. Jasper learns Xiphil, much like his family, has accepted her. He wonders if, to Xiphil, this is the only “Cloe” he cares about anymore.
~ Jasper finally asks Xiphil about his feelings on Chloe and if he knows how it all went down. Xiphil explains to him the absolute BS that unfolded the last time he saw her and Edward. See What Happens.

~ Bond: Jaxom (Meet him without Noru knowing about it.)

~ Emeran shows back up, but this time presents himself to a changed Noru as a potential ally. See if Noru is willing to sell out his mother’s whereabouts.
~ IF so: Ymira has to deal with escaping and knowing her child turned on her.