Outbreak Plots

Outbreak: Season 1

Later That Day…

~ Jory, Cameron, Tessa & Kayden (administer meds)

~ Jodee & Ethan (talk about wanting to raid garden store for seeds)

~ Jory & Anyone (on regrets about Anna & Rob)

One Day Later…

~ Jodee, Deakin & Kira (raid seed shop)

One Month Later…

~ A stalker becomes obsessed with Bay, who reminds her of her dead daughter Elizabeth (Lizzie).

~ Bay & Ethan (confess her feelings to Ethan, turns her down because he doesn’t want to “love” anyone)

~ Deakin, Jerry & Warren (put down a zombie that came in through a far off automatic door. They block it up but Warren warns that such a large resort may be impossible to truly secure.)

~ Michael & Cameron (notice Bay’s window is open and power in room doesn’t work)

~JP: Bay lamenting to Yu Fang about Ethan.

One Day Later…

~ Bay, Cameron & Tess (someone is stealing her stuff, accuse new people)

~ Kira & Yu Fang (tell her about Bay asking Ethan out)

~ Ethan & Jackson (notice muzzle flash of some kind outside, wonder if they ARE being watched)

Two Days Later…

~ Kira & Bay (argue over shared feelings for Ethan)

~ Tessa & Jodee (comments to her that Deakin & Jodee seem like a perfect couple. Jodee is upset because she worries she’s forgetting RJ.)

~ Deakin, Jackson & Ethan (Deakin hasn’t slept in 2 days by this point. They are sent out to double check all entrances & exits on Warren’s orders.)

~ Michael & Jerry (check power box for tampering)

A Day Later…

~ Kira, Jory & Jackson (while enjoying the bath someone shoots darts at her. Jackson comes in to help save the day. Darts are loaded with some kind of chemical, taking it to Jory it was a tranquilizer. They probably wanted her to drown in the bath)

~ Yu Fang & Michael (hits on him but phone rings. Confused, she answers to hear a ghostly voice on the other end. Freaked out, she leaves)

~ Ethan & Cameron (talk about issues with girls liking him and not wanting relationships)

~ Bay & Jodee (more things are missing, thinks Tarquinn must be lying)

~ Deakin, Tessa & Cameron (Cameron finally collapses from lack of sleep. Tessa has to carry him on her own until she finally reaches Deakin for help.)

Two Days Later…

~ JP: Bay is the one left on “watch” the night before and notices a survivor in need of help. She goes to help the only to have a gun put to her head and is abducted by Nina who now feels this is the only way to “protect her”.

~ The group notices Bay is missing in the morning and tries to Sherlock out what happened and how to find her. Once they figure it out, Warren sends his two heaviest hitters to rescue Bay.

Meanwhile Nina explains to Bay how she lost her precious Lizzie. She also generally displays how disturbed she is now – it is very clear Bay’s life is in danger.

Later That Day…

~ Jackson, Bay & Michael (Track Bay to her location and save her from Nina. Bay has loosened her ropes and manages a sneak attack on Nina, helping take her down. Decide if they should kill her, abandon her, etc)

One Day Later….

~ Bay is now home and the group has been updated on what happened with Nina. They know that Nina was behind the power issues, the doors opening/closing and the thefts.

~ Ethan & Bay (check up on her after ordeal)

~ Jodee & Deakin (worried she could end up like Nina, when he comforts her she realizes she really is growing feelings for him)

~ Jory & Yu Fang (why did Nina do what she did?)

~ Jackson, Jerry & Michael (on patrol and find a locked room with lavish stuff inside – including a map to a very nice safe house the would-have-been survivor, who they had to kill in the room, wanted to go to)

Later That Day…

~ Jackson, Jerry, Michael, Jory & Warren (Look over map and decide to go there, but it will take almost a month to get to it on foot!)

One Month Later…

~ The group moves to the safe house location. There is a survivor already staying inside: Jerry’s (pregnant) girlfriend Sherry! The woman is extremely hostile towards the group; bandits killed most of those who had originally survived with her, so she’s a leery of the living as much as the dead. Jerry talks her down and she agrees to join the group.

~ JP: Jackson, Jerry & Sherry (she plays to his feelings but he admits he doesn’t have them anymore, she is furious)

~ JP: Kira & Sherry (recognizes Sherry as the woman who wrote the letters she was reading & tries to bond. Notices Sherry is sick and learns she was bitten. Sherry begs her not to tell and Kira refuses)

Later That Day…

~ When the issue is brought into the group, Jerry is extremely defensive / aggressive and won’t let anyone TOUCH Sherry. Molly backs this up, wanting to defend Sherry out of sympathy and a desire to preserve some kind of sanity – the woman is pregnant after all! Sadly Jerry having a silenced gun makes this a hard situation to navigate. However, Jackson gets the gun away from him, convincing him to do what is right.

Michael agrees to shoot Sherry because Jerry can’t do it. Afterwards, Jerry won’t be able to look at Michael right.

One Day Later…

~ Kira & Michael (assure him he did the right thing)

~ Molly & Jory (break down about it, explain how her grandfather was killed)

~ Jerry & Jackson (angst about the last thing he told Sherry was he didn’t love her & that was HIS child)

~ Deakin & Warren (talk about putting down roots, if only for a while, to give the agonized group some stability)

~ Jodee & Bay (talk about what they would do if they had been in Jerry’s shoes)

~ Yu Fang & Cameron (talk about the possibility of undead babies and if they should check the grave – thankfully its not the case)

One Month Later…

~ Michael & Warren (notice a bus full of survivors heading towards the local church)

~ Bay & Jerry (give him photos Sherry had hidden in her things, he talks about their relationship and how he got her out)

~ Jodee & Kira (about Jodee’s feelings for Deakin. Kira suggests she go for it since they don’t have all the time in the world these days but just then Jodee thinks she hears RJ on the radio and can’t make anything out)

Three Days Later…

~ Concerned about having another issue with fellow survivors in the same general area, Warren sends Deakin, Kira and Jackson to investigate. However they are not to engage the other group directly.

~ Yu Fang & Jory (She doesn’t get out of bed and he checks on her. Realizes that she has a “condition” but she swears it comes and goes – just asthma. He doesn’t entirely believe her but she doesn’t appear to be dying soon either)

~ Bay, Michael & Jerry (hear something in the basement and check it out. Learn there are rats chewing the electrical system.)

~ Jackson, Kira & Deakin (Upon spying they learn that the group are religious zealots called The Chosen of Christ. The leader, Father Leonard, believes that the end of days will be stopped by the rebirth of Christ and that this requires the Mother Mary as a reborn vessel – whom they will find once God gives them a sign. Deakin accidentally gets caught at that precise moment  and Jackson convinces Kira not to dive in after him without the full group as back up. The zealots capture him so they are clearly not killing him for now.)

~ JP: Deakin being interrogated by Father Leonard – eventually the cult leader learns about Tessa and thinks she is the Mother Mary reborn!

One Day Later…

~ Deakin (break out and run to the rescue of the group)

~ Jackson and Kira report to Warren that night. A full team is assembled in the morning to rescue the captured party. The team becomes moot though when The Chosen of Christ arrive in their bus with weapons and attack the group! 

Yu Fang manages to save Jodee from a potentially deadly blow (while not taking it herself mind you).

The zealots take Tessa and demand the others all swear to their religion or be put down as sinners. While this is happening Deakin arrives and cuts the gas/break line on the van and uses some of their cults own weaponry to save the others and free Tessa.

The fighting draws in plenty of undead, causing the zealots to retreat. They threaten to come back another day; nothing can keep them from their Mother Mary.

One Day Later…

~ Jodee & Yu Fang (thank her for saving her)

~ Deakin & Tessa (thank him for risking his life for her sake)

~ Jackson, Ethan & Michael (have a good chuckle when the notice the church was overrun with cultists are now zombies on the streets – something clearly finished them off)

~ Jerry & Jory (look over wiring issues)

One Week Later…

~ Jory & Molly (making a meal when rats attack, they lock down the cellar – the fear comes in the fact that Jory knows the rats can CARRY the disease)

~ Jackson & Jodee (talk about what is so great about Deakin)

~ Michael, Kira & Warren (looking over city details as they try to find a transportation and way to repair it/start it just in case – eventually be interrupted by Jory  & Molly)

One Week later…

~ Cameron & Jackson (about teaching Tessa to fight, fears others will be upset)

~ Kira, Warren, Jory & Bay (car shopping for the one that can carry the most in the best condition. While out, Jory mentions that Bay’s roots are showing.)

~ Jerry, Michael & Deakin (attempt to clear out the rats. During this the temperature in the room drops and a random live wire attempts to hit Jerry before Michael pulls him out of the way. Realize clearing out the rats is impossible given their speed & numbers and back off.)

Two Days Later…

~ The group is approached by two scouts (Big Joey & Roy) from a family of happy helpers who run a decently fortified farm. They are all about the group staying with them as they have plenty of food and supplies.

Sadly the group must leave the current house, thanks to the rat issues, so they agree but Warren makes it clear this is a stop off point till they pick their next move, not a permanent residence.

One Day Later…

~ The group arrive at the Heathcraft farm. They are introduced to the full family which also includes Mama Heathcraft & Lil’Mindy.

Later That Day… 

~ Mama Heathcraft, Warren, Jory & Michael (she offers the group to stay but Warren refuses. Michael, however, agrees and even says he will leave the group.)

~ Deakin, Jodee & Lil’Mindy (be endeared by the sweet little girl, reminds them of Krystal)

~ Jackson, Molly, Kira & Roy (tour of the farm, see how very well stocked they are. Also notice a strange caged off area that Roy informs is meant of cow slaughter.)

~ JP: Bay & Warren (why can’t the group stay, these people are a defensive fencing and lots of supplies)

One Day Later…

~ The group discovers a dirty secret of the Heathcraft family. Backed into a corner they have to escape the family and try to keep their lives!

One Day Later…

~ The group reconciles the melt down and how no place is safe.

One Week Later…

~ Against all odds the group finds a Vivos 8 family luxury shelter (look it up its real! O.o) and moves in. The location requires clearing of a small family of five but the group should be strong enough to make that easy. Everyone can enjoy how well stocked the place is, how comfy and everyone can even have a room!

Two Weeks Later…

~ Deakin & Jodee (find a toy chest and pry it open. In the process a child zombie inside – who had hidden their and died locked in – attacks and Deakin takes a bite for Jodee before putting it down)

~ Jackson & Bay (outside patrolling, they make sure there are no hidden entrances or surprises. Finding a sewer grate, Jackson suggests they split up to investigate but Bay won’t even go down given her phobia.)

~ Warren & Michael (taking note of how well stocked and fortified the place is they discuss how they may actually be able to stay here for a while!)

One Hour Later…

~ Deakin reveals his “condition” to the group who discuss the options. They can shoot him now or wait till he is about to turn – the most they can afford him is a few hours since they really can’t risk one of their strongest fighters turning into a zombie in their midst!

One Hour Later…

~ Deakin & Jodee (farewells and angst, have a moment.)

~ Warren, Jory, Kira, Michael, Jackson & Jerry (who should put Deakin down? Michael naturally volunteers again. Kira enters and offers to instead since putting down Sherry seemed to upset Michael and she doesn’t care.)

~ Bay & Ethan (freak out, not wanting to lose another member of the group so soon after Yu Fang)

Late That Night…

~ Jory, Deakin, Jodee & Kira (Jory comes to check on Deakin’s condition – and remove Jodee if he must for Kira to do the deed. However when they arrive Deakin is fine. When Jory investigates he realizes that Deakin is immune! Jodee full on kisses Deakin with relief when she hears this, but before anyone can discuss the situation they hear gun fire. Join the thread for it.)

~ The group notices agents outside from Silhoutte who are after Warren. When fire breaks out the others also join them. However they have superior equipment and man power. The situation seems hopeless until a chopper lands and another group saves them. Sadly Jory instantly realizes this is not a good thing as the ones saving them are Raison d’être. The group is taken hostage, bound and forced onto the choppers.

Two Days (in a chopper) Later…

~ Deakin is taken for study and the group is forcibly tested for infection. At this point the characters learn about the water supply issue and that nearly everyone IS infected. They also learn Jory ISN’T (and neither is Warren) and both are escorted away.

Later That Day…

~ Jory, Andrew & Tia (Taken to fellow scientists. Tia has made an amazing break through with the undead and all she needs is someone with a natural immunity to finish it. They sway Jory to helping them but he agrees only on the condition Deakin will not be dismantled.)

~ Jerry, Jackson, Ethan, Michael & Cameron (housed in a  cell together they learn from the guards that Deakin is likely going to be dismantled and that Warren & Jory will probably be recruited or killed. Learn Jory was originally from this Bastion.)

~ Bay, Jodee, Molly, Tessa & Kira (also housed together in a cell, they learn roughly the same information.)

~ Deakin (tested, found to be immune)

One Day Later…

~ Tia, Deakin & Jory (learn from Jory that her son Michael is present but among the “infected”. She redoubles her efforts on the serum as her son is basically the walking dead otherwise and refuses to visit him till its ready. Deakin is shocked to see Jory working with them but Jory explains this could help people.)

~ Everyone else notices Warren being taken down the halls and gives him the third degree on all of this. He also confirms that Jory is working for the enemy. He warns everyone that they have to make a choice between the lives of those they loves and the lives of those they don’t know.

Three Days Later…

~ The girls manage to sneak one person into the ventilation. They get to the security room and is faced with a daunting choice: The only way to let out everyone is a command that opens ALL the cell doors. Down there are various zombies as well so the base would end up compromised but they could easily escape in the chaos. Ultimately they rule in favor of saving Deakin and the group – opening the doors.

When they break out they reach Deakin in time and find Andrew in the room, as well as Jory! Tia was elsewhere in the building and Andrew hears her pleading for help over the phone. He is unwilling to leave her but asks the group to take the potential cure and run. Survive and improve it, he trusts Jory can do this.

Later That Day…

~ Jory unloads on the group about compromising one of the few zones on earth that was completely uncontaminated!

Three Weeks Later…

~ The group takes up staying in the Emory University temporarily, locked away inside a classroom while they figure out where to go next that would be more secure. Sadly they are on the other side of the country now!

~ Molly & Jory (talk about what Warren said about what you love versus those you don’t know. Jory admits he only cares about the big picture which scares Molly a bit.)

~ Michael & Deakin (learns his mother was the scientist there.)

~ Warren & Jackson (Warren is stressed and trying to figure shit out when Jackson confronts him, can Warren really do this leader thing?)

~ Tessa, Jodee & Bay (Jodee realizes that even though they are across the country there are still dead people all over. Is the whole world doomed? Bay attempts to cheer them up by filming them ala Blair Witch and realizes this could be a fun thing for everyone.)

One Day Later…

~ Jory (accosted by bandits who threaten to breach the locations defenses and let the dead in if he doesn’t sneak them supplies. He agrees but spikes the goods with janitorial chemicals.)

~ Bay & Kira (Filming her ala documentary.)

~ Jodee & Deakin (talk about the kiss that happened before all the madness)

Two Days Later…

~ Jodee & Molly (notice missing supplies)

~ Ethan & Kira (about Bay’s filming fetish)

~ Bay & Michael (Film him and get yelled out for it)

~ Jackson & Jerry (admit he dislikes following Warren. Jerry doesn’t want to leave though as these are good people and they need the help.)

Later That Day…

 ~ When the issue is brought before Warren and the group, Jory confesses but explains what he has been up to. They are shocked to learn he can be so underhandedly brutal. He cautions them that by this point the other group will be showing signs of sickness, possibly even death, and with tomorrow night being another drop off they’ll likely come in force. 

One Day Later…

~ Molly & Jory (how cruel he is becoming)

~ Jodee & Kira (RJ actually contacts via radio, but all it says is “don’t come looking for me, run.”)

Late That Night…

~ Jackson, Kira, Michael, Ethan & Warren (when the drop off should take place, the bandits show up sickly to get revenge for their fallen but don’t last long against the group in their sickly state.)

One Month Later…

~ Kira, Ethan & Jory (while out scavenging she is bit)

~ Deakin, Jackson & Jerry (Deakin is almost feeble due to low rations and no sleep, they lecture him)

~ Jodee & Tessa (find the groundkeepers gardening supply shed!)

Later That Day…

~ Jory, Warren & Kira (administer cure Tia had been working on. Warren shows a particular interest, synching it for Jory that he knows more about the virus then he lets on.)

~ Bay & Tessa (feels bad about hating Kira so much)

~ Michael, Jackson & Jerry (discuss Kira’s situation and Michael again offers to shoot a group member. He doesn’t trust the cure Jory wants to try. Jerry makes one point clear: There is a difference in being so loyal to the group you will shoulder the burden of putting them down, and not giving a shit so you can take out the trash.)

One Day Later…

~ Kira, Molly, Michael & Jackson (Kira has a bad fever but hasn’t died yet. The man aren’t certain that she might not stop breathing at any moment and suggest putting her down anyways to be safe but Molly gives them an earful.)

~ Bay & Ethan (notices him wanting to check on Kira but lacking the nerve. Tries to take the high road and convince him to go see her.)

One Day Later…

~ Kira finally begins to recover!

~ Molly & Jory (celebrate that the cure works)

~ Kira & Ethan (visit her)

~ Deakin, Michael & Kayden (upset that Michael is too eager to shoot his own people, Kayden mediates since he can see BOTH sides)

~ Jackson (head trip in the attic)

Five Days Later…

~ Kira, Michael, Bay & Jackson (out on a scavenging run when things go terribly wrong. The group ends up forced onto an apartment building and has only one way out: They must climb across telephone cables that are close by – after jumping to the telephone poll in the first place!

Sadly Michael does not make the jump and falls seemingly to their death below. However Kira takes the risk and goes down after them, using athletics to descend in a less painful fashion. Upon reaching Michael she finds they are alive! However the dead are moving in and they must get to safety. They run to the building the other characters are crawling towards via the power lines and hold the door against the undead. Thankfully the inside of the house is clear. But then it happens. Kira can hear the dead talking to her! Is she going mad or is there something wrong with the cure? The rest of the group eventually reaches the building and saves the day.)

~ Jory & Warren (comes back from his own scavenging run with booze. Tries to bury the hatchet a bit with Warren.)

~ Deakin & Ethan (Deakin tells Ethan he should just pick a girl and run with it. Ethan counters with how Deakin hasn’t really pushed things with Jodee!)

One Day Later…

~ Kira & Jory (tells him about the weird dead talking issue she had)

~ Warren & Michael (manages to get a computer up and running to look into Silhouette chatter. Michael learns Silhouette’s attack may have been them hunting Warren.)

~ Bay & Ethan (confront him on his feelings for Kira)

~ Deakin & Jodee (talk about their growing feelings when the radio kicks in again – but this time its not RJ, its a woman in trouble: Charley Phillips. The doctor who had taken care of Krystal before! Seems she is trapped in a local radio station.)

One Day Later…

~ Kira, Jerry & Ethan (scavenging causes Kira to become separated from the group when she hears a baby cry. She finds an undead in the house but it doesn’t attack her, in fact it seems to defend the child. Then she finds it TALKS. It asks her not to reveal it just yet as it fears the others will not understand.)

~ Cameron & Warren (learn Charley cannot stay where she is much longer. She needs a rescue.)

~ Bay, Tessa & Jory (Bay becomes a depressed angst teen and steals some of Jory’s meds to overdose. Tessa finds her and gets Jory to help save her life.)

~ Jodee & Deakin (figure out once and for all if they will be a couple)

End of Season 1